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  • プクプク・ペンギン・パーク - 1997.03.02

    Sotto Chikautoki (Iwao Junko)
    Choukousoku Gran Doll 5
    Junko and Haruna started talking about Sazaesan. Junko said she liked the shoes that sqeaked when they walked. Haruna mentioned that they now have kids' shoes that light up when they walk. She wants them to make one for adults too. Junko said that she wanted a child so she can let them wear the light-up shoes.

    Haruna got a book filled with psychological tests, so Junko and Haruna did one. They had to say how they felt about certain objects.

    Junko: Uses bags for a long time. Can't go out without it.
    Haruna: Coordinates it with her clothes. Has many bags
    Junko: There really isn't any in particular that she buys. She just buys one when she needs information.
    Haruna: She buys it if it's interesting. She cuts out stuff that she wants to keep.
    Junko: Doesn't write letters much.
    Haruna: Writes a lot. FAX, cards, postcards.
    desk drawer
    Junko: A must have. Sorts it cleanly. Keeps everything inside.
    Haruna: She made her own desk, so it doesn't have any. She keeps everything in the open.

    Then Haruna read the book to see what each of these things means. The bag specifies one's boy friend, the magazine specifies one's friends, the letters specifies one's parents, and the desk drawers specifies one's heart. Both Junko and Haruna said that this fit well.

    They will try a different one next week.

    Then Junko played Sotto Chikautoki the theme song to Gran Doll. The CD goes on sale 3/25, and Junko sang this song.

    Junko said that she has to eat white rice at least once a day. Haruna said that she hardly ever eats white rice.

    The drama was Choukousoku Gran Doll episode 5.

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