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  • プクプク・ペンギン・パーク - 1997.03.30

    Sora no Yubiwa (Ikezawa Haruna)
    Gran Doll 9
    Junko and Haruna read a lot of letters.

    Junko wanted to be an elevator girl, but she knows she can't do it because she can't remember what is on which floor. She has come to the TBS building around 50 times (for recording this radio show), but she still can't remember the correct floor.

    They played Sora no Yubiwa by Ikezawa Haruna, from her album Sweetie.

    Junko and Haruna read some letters about food.

    Someone asked if Doraemon liked the inside (anko) or the outside (pancake) part of the dorayaki. Junko and Haruna sang part of the Doraemon OP song. They said that they didn't know..

    The drama was Chou Kousoku Gran Doll episode 9.

    They mentioned that the Gran Doll playstation game would be coming out this summer (same information as last week ).

    Junko announced that Penguin Park was going to end next week!

    Haruna said that she would be appearing in a play from 4/9 (same information as last week).

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