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  • Pure Pure Island - 1998.09.11

    Ohayou (Ohmori Reiko)
    Watashi ha Watashi no Michi wo Yuku (Ohmori Reiko)
    Neko no Nikukyuu (Ohmori Reiko)
    In the "Pure Pure Ohagaki Island" corner, they read some funny letters.

    They played Ohayou from Reiko's first album Good Morning.

    The next corner was "Kareinaru seichou". Someone sent in a letter saying, "Ohmori Reiko's bust is miseichou!" (^_^;) Reiko's three sizes is 75-?-?..

    Then they played Watashi ha Watashi no Michi wo Yuku, another song from Reiko's first album.

    The next corner was "Pure Pure vs Island", where Kappei and Reiko "battled" with the topics on the letters that they received.

    Then they played Neko no Nikukyuu.

    Reiko said she will have an event on 9/12 at Yamagiwa Akihabara, on 9/13 (Gifu radio, public recording), on 9/19 at Wave Kawasaki (15:00), and on 9/20 at Yamagiwa Osaka. Kappei's production will have a play on October 20 to 25.

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