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  • Pure Pure Island - 1998.09.18

    La La La -Kuchibiru ni Neagi wo Komete- (Ohmori Reiko)
    (Yamaguchi Kappei)
    Reiko introduced herself as Kappei, and Kappei introduced herself as Reiko.

    The first corner was "ohagaki island", where they read some of letters.

    Reiko said that she doesn't like the date spots that are written in the magazines. She prefers to relax in the park and such.

    The next corner was "kareinaru seichou".

    Then they talked about Fancy Lala. Kappei and Reiko said that they already finished the recording for Fancy Lala. Reiko said that she felt very sad. Kappei said that she was crying.

    Then they played La La La -Kuchibiru ni Negai wo Komete- which is Ohmori Reiko's debut song.

    The next corner was "versus island", where Reiko and Kappei battled with keywords that were sent in.

    Then they played Hi no Ataru Basho by Yamaguchi Kappei.

    Reiko will have an event on 9/19 in Kawasaki and 9/20 in Osaka.

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