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  • Pure Pure Island - 1998.09.25

    Tarou 18 Ban (Yoshida Taro)
    Ronde D'Amour (Fancy Lala)
    Reiko said that she went to the dermatologist today, riding her bicycle for one hour. But when she opened her cosmetics pouch at the radio station, she discovered that the medicine had spilled out.

    The first corner was "ohagaki island".

    One listener asked Kappei to say the opening "pure pure" in the way Reiko says it..

    The next corner was "kareinaru seichou".

    Then they played Tarou 18 Ban by Yoshida Taro (Yamaguchi Kappei).
    [This is the song that Taro always sings in Fancy Lala.]

    There will be a new Lala CD, Music Canvas page 2, going on sale 9/30.

    The next corner was "versus island".

    Then they played Ronde D'Amour, a new song by Fancy Lala, which is also on the new CD.

    Reiko said she will have a new program (a live TV show) starting on 10/5, at 16:25 - 17:00. She will also have a radio show (related to HIP) starting on 10/8 at 21:00 - 21:30.

    Reiko will have a video and DVD coming out on 10/23, called Earth. It has the first and last pictures of Ohmori Reiko in a bikini.

    There will be a Pure Girl Halloween Party on 10/25 at the Wonder Egg.

    Then they announced that this radio show was going to end next week.

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