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  • Pure Pure Island - 1998.10.02

    ? (?)
    Shiawase no Kibun (Ohmori Reiko)
    This was the last week of this radio show.

    They read some letters for the "ohagaki island" corner.

    Reiko has two older sisters, aged 21 and 17. One of her sisters has the same birthday as Reiko.

    Kappei also has two older sisters.

    The next corner was "kareinaru seichou".

    Then they played ? by ? from the new CD that went on sale 9/30.

    The next corner was "versus island". This was the final battle.

    Then they played Shiawase no Kibun by Ohmori Reiko.

    Reiko then read out the information for her new TV and radio shows, and her video/DVD.

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