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  • 瑠璃色アクアリウム - 1995.10.13

    Hoshizora Keiyu de Todoketai (Inoue Kikuko)
    Kikuko: The aquarium part was chosen by everyone, but I chose the ruriiro part myself. The reason why I chose it is because it's a strange color. The definitions are different depending on the dictionary too. So everyone has a different image of the color, and I hope everyone gets this strange feeling when you listen to this radio show.

    The first corner was oneechan ni kike.

    Kikuko: Maybe you heard this before.. I'm sorry, I really like this corner. That's because people ask me questions. I like it when people ask me questions. Even when I'm walking down the street when people ask me directions, I really like it. I wonder why.. But I like it when people ask me questions.

    Kikuko: Oh, for people who are listening for the first time, oneechan is me, and you can ask me anything.

    Kikuko: The announcements at the trains and such don't have any feelings in it. We are told not to put any feelings into it. But I think it would be much funner if we can put feelings in it.

    Listener: Can you tell us what you liked to do during undoukai (athletic festival)? Also what you didn't like to do?
    Kikuko: I really hate running. When I was in 6th grade, we had to run 50 meters during gym class, and I did it in 13 seconds. I was the slowest in the class. That was a shock to me. My parents said that they were both slow too. Also something that I didn't understand.. When you line up to run a race you can look to the sides to see who you are running against. Of course I knew that I was going to lose. I don't understand why I have to run if I know I was going to come in last place. Nobody is going to suddenly run really fast in the race.. I couldn't understand this when I was little.
    Kikuko: The one that I want to do is pan kui kyousou (bread eating race). This seems like fun. Also even if you run very slow, it doesn't matter than much.

    Then Kikuko played Hoshizora Keiyu de Todoketai, from her new album Fushigi na Omajinai, Tadaima 2.

    Then Kikuko described the new corners that they will have on the radio show. They will have a mini drama corner (about 5 minutes). The drama will be taken from letters from listeners. It can be anything. But the first ones will be about the love relationships of the listeners. This corner will be called theater aquarium.

    Another corner will be to design your own aquarium. It doesn't have to be one that is actually possible. It doesn't have to be about fish. This corner will be called fushigino kunino aquarium.

    Another corner will be where the listeners send in postcards to make their own funny story. There will be five topics: who (だれが), where (どこで), with whom (だれと), what object (なにを), did what (どうした), and the listener can send in just one of them per postcard. This corner will be called story maker.

    Another corner will be called konna seihin ha iyada/ureshii. The listener can send in things that they wouldn't like to see or things that they would like to see as a product.

    Kikuko: I would like a clock that would give out snacks at 3 o'clock.

    Kikuko: Next week there will be a surprisingly great present. So please listen again. Good night.

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