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  • 瑠璃色アクアリウム - 1995.10.20

    Aikotoba ha Shiawase (Inoue Kikuko)
    Kikuko: Recently, I feel happy when I make people laugh. Maybe I'm beginning to feel like a comedian. I went to Osaka recently and went to see a comedian show. It was very funny.

    Kikuko: Today, there will be special presents corner, so please listen to the whole radio show.

    The first corner was oneechan ni kike!.

    Kikuko: My favorite season is summer, because I can swim. As I'm getting older, I feel that the other seasons are nice too, so there isn't any season that I don't like.

    Kikuko: This corner will be a regular corner, so I'll have a chance to answer more questions.

    Kikuko: Do you know what today is? Today is when my CD and LD/video went on sale.

    Then she played Aikotoba ha Shiawase from her new CD.

    The next corner was fushigino kunino aquarium. This was a corner where listeners sent in their ideas for new types of aquariums.

    The next corner was theater aquarium. Kikuko read a poem based on her song Ajisai (on her new CD).

    The next corner was the special present corner, to commemorate the beginning of her new radio show.

    1. Mega Drive set [from Otakki Sasaki]
    2. PC (personal computer) nuigurumi [from Ramsey]
    3. wristwatch and T-shirt [from Media Remoras] x5
    4. walkman [from Kadokawa Shoten]
    5. Seiyuu Grand Prix telephone card [from Ani Radi Grand Prix] x3
    6. Voice Animage 2 [from Voice Animage] x10
    7. Wendenyan's friend (a nuigurumi) [from Inoue Yayoi]
    8. two shells from Kikuko's collection and coffee cup with a picture of a bear [from Kikuko]

    The postcards should have the number of the present that you want, and the address for the postcards is as follows.

    Bunka Housou
    Inoue Kikuko no Ruri Iro Aquarium
    Special Present kakari

    [Ruri Iro Aquarium]

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