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  • 瑠璃色アクアリウム - 1995.10.27

    Wendenyan Tsukiyo no Osanpo (Inoue Kikuko)
    Kikuko: Are you wearing socks? The other day, it was cold so I started wearing socks when I sleep. To me this is one of the signs of winter. For summer, the first day that I wear short sleeves is the sign of summer.

    Kikuko: We got a lot of letters for the present. Thank you very much. We still didn't get them sorted out, so we'll pick the prizes next week.

    The first corner was oneechan ni kike.

    Letter: Why do they say "cheese" when they take a picture? Why can't they say "milk" or "pudding" or whatever?
    Kikuko: I wonder who thought of it? I think it's all right to say "milk" or "pudding" or whatever.

    Then she played Wendenyan Tsukiyo no Osanpo from her new album Fushigi na Omajinai -Tadaima 2-.

    The next corner was I hate/like this kind of goods.

    Listener: A stamp with taste, where you don't know what kind of flavor it will be.
    Kikuko: This is a great idea. It would be fun if there were hits and misses. The orange and strawberry flavor would be the hits, but there might be horseradish flavor that would be the miss. This would be fun.

    The next corner was theater aquarium, and Kikuko read a story.

    Kikuko: Thank you for all of your letters. It's so funny, and many of you draw nice pictures too. I wish I can to reply to everyone.

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