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  • 瑠璃色アクアリウム - 1995.11.10

    Hidaka Noriko (日高のり子)
    Family Sentai Kazokuman no Theme (Inoue Kikuko)
    Ashita he no Tsubasa (Hidaka Noriko)
    Kikuko: Today we are going to have our first guest. It's Hidaka Noriko. I'm so happy.

    Noriko: Good evening, I'm Hidaka Noriko.
    [She said it a little slowly..]

    Kikuko: I've been a guest on your radio show before, and now with you sitting in front of me, I feel like I'm the guest. So please be the host today.
    Noriko: I was looking forward to the questions that you're going to ask me.
    Kikuko: What should I do..

    Kikuko: I met you first in Ranma 1/2.
    Noriko: At that time, you had been doing anime seiyuu for only about one year.
    Kikuko: Yes, it was less than one year. Ranma was my first anime regular role. I saw you and thought, "Oh there's Minami-chan." I was very nervous and I wanted your signature. But you were very nice. You sat next to me and helped me a lot.
    Noriko: My first impression of you was seeing you say the lines and then shake your head because you didn't think it was done well. You did dubs of foreign films more, so you weren't used to the higher voices in anime.
    Kikuko: Yes, it was very difficult.
    Noriko: But now it's become so natural for you.
    Kikuko: A lot of people say that I'm not acting at all when I do Kasumi, but it was very difficult.
    Noriko: At first it was difficult. But as the six years passed, we don't know which is real. You might have gotten closer to Kasumi.

    Kikuko: Then after that it was Nadia.
    Noriko: Yes, Electra. I was very surprised when I heard those lines from you.
    Kikuko: That's the real me.
    Noriko: I think the listeners are doing oi oi now.

    Kikuko: Then we were in Omakase Scrappers and Tobe Isami.
    Noriko: We have a lot of regular roles together.
    Kikuko: So we have been seeing how each other changes. But we haven't changed that much.
    Noriko: Yes, maybe we haven't changed much.

    Then they went to the oneechan to oneechan ni kike corner.

    letter: What do you do when you have stress?
    Kikuko: You do aromatherapy.
    Noriko: Yes. You swim, right?
    Kikuko: Yes.
    Noriko: I does feel good to swim. I also like rollercoasters.
    Kikuko: I like it too. It feels like the worries just fly away when you ride a rollercoaster.

    Then they played Family Sentai Kazokuman no Theme by Inoue Kikuko.

    After the song, they went to the theater aquarium special corner, where Kikuko and Noriko did the drama in Kasumi and Akane's voices.

    Then they played Ashita he no Tsubasa by Hidaka Noriko.

    After the song, Noriko had left and Kikuko sang a part of her song, Hoshizora Keiyu de Todoketai.
    Kikuko: I'm very happy. It's fun with two people. I really like Noriko. She was always very nice to me.

    Kikuko: The Manbou Housoukyoku CD will go on sale soon.

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