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  • 瑠璃色アクアリウム - 1995.12.01

    Ganbare (Shiina Megumi)
    Kikuko: It's December already. The year goes by so fast. I think I said this before, but I never liked winter. But recently I feel winter is ok too. I wear a heavy jackets, gloves, scarf, boots, and completely protect myself. Then I go out, and see the white breath in the air. I feel that this is nice too.

    Kikuko: On the night before school field trips, I always slept with my backpack and snacks near my pillow. I'm so happy that I can't sleep. Then I always eat one of the snacks. I was too scared to eat anything big. I think it was usually a lamune.

    Q: Have you ever gotten lost?
    Kikuko: You're asking me if I have ever gotten lost!? Of course I don't.. This is an oi oi..
    Kikuko: I'm really bad at directions. Just go twice studio, I won't be able to go by myself. I have tried before, thinking I would be able to find it, but I end up crying and calling the office for help.

    Q: Have you ever had pets?
    Kikuko: We have had a lot of pets. A dog called Roku-chan and Wende, I always called it Wendenyan because he was so cute. His real name was Arrow Win Blue Wendy. [I hope I got that right?]
    Kikuko: We also had a cat before. It was a stray cat, when I was in junior high. My parents wouldn't let me have a cat, but the cat was so cute I brought it home. My sister's room was next to my room, and we secretly kept the cat for one week. It's name was Chappy. It was a very cute cat, and it had a long tail. We also had a goldfish, that we scooped at a festival. It's name was Kintoto-chan.

    Then Kikuko played the song Ganbare by Shiina Megumi.

    Then they went to the new products corner.

    Then Kikuko read a story in the theater aquarium corner.

    Kikuko: the other day I went to a coffee shop in a fancy restaurant. I ordered a cake set, and they brought some samples of cakes. I poked my finger in the closest one, and my finger went into it. It was real! I had no choice but to order that one, and it was a fig cake. When they brought it out, it was the one that I poked my finger in. I didn't like it that much. It's only 1 in about a 1000 that I don't like cakes.. I wish it could have been a chocolate cake or something.

    Kikuko: There is another very funny story about food samples. But there isn't time this week, so I'll talk about it next week.

    [Ruri Iro Aquarium]

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