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  • 瑠璃色アクアリウム - 1995.12.22

    Jingle Bells (Inoue Kikuko)
    Santa Claus is Coming to Town (Inoue Kikuko)
    Red Nosed Reindeer (Inoue Kikuko)
    untitled song 1 (Inoue Kikuko)
    untitled song 2 (Inoue Kikuko)
    untitled song 3 (Inoue Kikuko)
    This Big River (Nishi Tsukasa)
    Kikuko: Merry Christmas! It's a little early, but for this program, today is Christmas. This is a special broadcast.

    Kikuko: Christmas Studio Live Special! I'm going to do a studio live today.

    The first corner was the oneechan ni kike corner.

    Q: Until when did you believe that Santa Claus existed?
    Kikuko: Eh? Doesn't Santa Claus exist? He does. I think there are a lot of Santa Claus. For some people it is their boy/girl friends. For some it is their parents.

    Q: What would you give the kids if you were Santa Claus?
    Kikuko: I would sing Christmas songs.

    Kikuko had some bells with her, and she started to sing Christmas songs!
    Kikuko sang Jingle Bells (in Japanese). But she started laughing in the middle of the song. Then she sang Santa Claus is Coming to Town. But instead of the line "Santa Claus is coming to town", Kikuko said "christmas cake tabetai". [I want to eat a Christmas cake.]

    Kikuko: I like the story in this next one.

    Then Kikuko sang Red Nosed Reindeer. She even changed her voice to an old man's voice when she sang Santa Claus' part.

    Kikuko: I just thought of this song now. I'll try to sing it.

    Then Kikuko sang a song that she just made up. The words were something like:

    It's a very cold December, but my heart is warm. Please spend this kind of moment, because it's Christmas.

    The next corner was the automatic story maker corner.

    Kikuko: I'll try to sing a song with the story that gets created.

    The first story that got created was:

    • 井上喜久子 (Inoue Kikuko)
    • Sunshine 60
    • 丹下桜 (Tange Sakura)
    • CD
    • 無視して立ち読みした (ignored it and read the book)

    Then Kikuko sang a song that tried to match the story that got created.

    The second story that got created was:

    • 泳げ鯛焼きくん (oyoge taiyaki-kun)
    • 東京タワーの上 (on top of Tokyo Tower)
    • どうしよう仮面 (doushiyou-kamen)
    • 朝作り納豆 (nattou made in the morning)
    • 食べようとしたら警察が来た (the police came when we tried to eat it)

    Kikuko: Wow! It worked!

    Then Kikuko sang a song for this too.

    The next corner was the theater aquarium corner. Kikuko read a story called "Christmas Tree".

    Then Kikuko played a Christmas song called This Big River by Nishi Tsukasa. This was an English acapella song.

    Kikuko: Today we had the Ezaki Matsuri. Thank you very much to those who came.

    Kikuko: On the Bunka Housou Christmas Special, I'll come as a guest. It's from midnight to 3 AM.

    Kikuko: Today was a Christmas special. I tried to sing, but I'm sorry it wasn't so good.

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