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  • 瑠璃色アクアリウム - 1996.01.12

    Inoue Yayoi
    Ganbare (Shiina Megumi)
    Ganbatte Makenaide (Inoue Kikuko)
    Kikuko: Happy New Year.. part 2. It's ok to say that isn't it? It's still only 12 days into the new year, so I think it's ok.

    Q: Do you keep all of the letters that you get for the radio show?
    Kikuko: Yes. The director Otakki Sasaki keeps all of the letters for his radio shows here at Bunka Housou.
    Kikuko: Also I come two or three hours early and read all of the letters. So please don't worry.

    Then they went to the oneechan ni kike corner.

    Kikuko: There were times when I ordered something at a hamburger shop and they put something different in my bag. I ordered french fries, but when I looked inside it wasn't there. I was very disappointed.
    Kikuko: I really like soft cream. I like the mix of chocolate and vanilla. When I'm eating soft cream, I want there to be some ice cream at the bottom. Do you understand? So when I eat it, I push the ice cream down a little bit at a time. That little triangle at the bottom with the ice cream is what I eat the ice cream for.

    Q: How can one become closer (friendlier) with one's siblings?
    Then Kikuko called her sister, who had come to watch the recording!

    Kikuko: Please say something.
    Yayoi: Thank you for always cheering for my little sister.

    Kikuko: During the vacation, we went to the karaoke box with our family. The karaoke box is like a camping car, and it has the karaoke set inside. Whenever we go, we sing a Pink Lady medley and such. We always dance along with it too. When we were young we sang The Peanuts.

    Then Kikuko and Yayoi started singing a The Peanuts song!

    Kikuko: Let's try to answer the question.
    Yayoi: When we were young, we weren't always that close.
    Kikuko: It wasn't like that. You always teased me.
    Yayoi: No I didn't!
    Kikuko: Don't you remember? I was born when you were three, so all of our parents love went to me.
    Yayoi: There was a little of that.
    Kikuko: Didn't you hate me for that?
    Yayoi: A little.
    Kikuko: I always wondered why my sister would tease me.
    Yayoi: But, you know when there are two cakes, a little one and a big one, and mother asks which one you want, a normal child always says she wants the bigger one. But you always said that you wanted the smaller one, and everyone would praise you. It makes me out to be the bad one.
    Kikuko: No, I was just being normal.
    Yayoi: You were always so good, and you got to be known as the good kid.
    Kikuko: But you always hit me when my parents couldn't see us. Then when I went crying to mother, you always got scolded.

    Kikuko: When we were little, we were like this. But when we got older we became friends. So when you get older, you will get closer. So don't worry about it.

    Then Kikuko played a song for the students who were studying hard, Ganbare by Shiina Megumi.

    After the song, they went to the fushigi no kuni no aquarium corner.

    Kikuko: I like mochi. It tastes very good. But I wonder why a rabbit pounds mochi on the moon.

    Then Kikuko read a story for the theater aquarium corner. Kikuko read the story in a voice of a young boy!

    Then Kikuko played Ganbatte Makenaide from her own album.

    Kikuko: My sister finally appeared on this radio show.. (^_^;)
    Kikuko: When we were little we weren't that close, but now we are very close. I can talk about anything with my sister. Now we live apart, so when we talk on the phone, we talk a long time. Also when I go sleep over at her house, we keep talking until it's very late.

    Kikuko: Also Manbou Housoukyoku 2 will go on sale 1/19. Next week I will talk about it some more.

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