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  • 瑠璃色アクアリウム - 1996.01.19

    Ms. Kita [from Media Remoras]
    Pauline to Shounen (Inoue Kikuko)
    Kikuko: I saw a strange object the other day. I don't think it ws an UFO. But it was an object that was shining. I was just staring up into the sky one afternoon. Suddenly something light up. It was silver. It wasn't an airplane. It moved around and then disappeared. I wonder what it was..

    [oneechan ni kike corner]

    Q: Why do people want to pop the puchi-puchi-kun?
    Kikuko: I wonder why. When I pop one I want to pop them all. I thought about it. I think there is something inside each one of those air bubbles. It doesn't have any smell or anything, but it just makes you want to pop more. Doesn't everyone like it too? I don't think there is anyone in this world who doesn't. If you don't please send me a letter.
    Kikuko: When I was little, these were in cans of candy and such. When you have sisters or brothers, didn't you always fight over them? So when I found one, I would always take it out and hide it before my sister could find it. Then I pop it at night when I am alone.
    Kikuko: In junior high, there were boys who took the whole sheet and popped it all at once. I though it was very manly. I don't think it's something that girls can do. I liked it, but I like to pop it one at a time.

    Kikuko: Ever since I was little I liked chocolate. My mother would put the chocolate together with the medicine, to make me eat the medicine.

    Then Kikuko played her song, Pauline to Shounen.

    Kikuko: Today is a special day. Ruri Iro Aquarium, the Manbou Housoukyoku 2 CD went on sale. Did you listen to it already?

    Kikuko played some parts of the CD. Then there was a special guest, Ms. Kita from Media Remoras. Kikuko called Ms. Kita her master as she was supposedly more boke than Kikuko.

    Ms. Kita: The first Manbou Housoukyoku was very funny. It's too funny to listen on the train. The second one is something that can be listened on the train. This CD is for those listeners from far away who are always listening through the noise. The first one is pop, and the second one is chic.

    Then they played a part of the drama what was on the CD. The drama had voices by Matono Mitsuaki, Hikami Kyoko, and Ohtani Ikue, in addition to Kikuko.

    [Ruri Iro Aquarium]

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