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  • 瑠璃色アクアリウム - 1996.02.16

    Fuchuu Shigure (Inoue Kikuko)
    Kikuko: When I do the radio show, it's fun. But near the end when I say the address and such, it does get a little sad. Also when I'm having fun playing. It feels say to say good bye.

    Question from a listener: Why do people shake their heads when there is something that they don't know?
    Kikuko: I wonder why. Does the brain move? Maybe it does a little bit. Maybe if you don't know something in the normal situation, you can shake your head and move the brain so that you might know.

    Then Kikuko played Fuchuu Shigure by Saginomiya Sakura.
    [ Saginomiya Sakura = Inoue Kikuko ]

    The next corner was the automatic story maker corner.

    Kikuko: I like this corner. The last time I did this, it was Christmas. I had some bells and I sang. If it's fun today, maybe I'll sing again.

    The first story didn't make much sense, but Kikuko sang it.

    The second story didn't make sense either, and Kikuko said, "Wakannai, oh my god!"

    Then the next story was about Hisakawa Aya! "A person from the planet Jupiter, in Ramsey's room, with Aya-chan, wrote a story about a mouse kigurumi."
    Kikuko: Aya-chan.. She does strange things. But Aya-chan really loves kigurumi, so this one is good.

    Then the next corner was theater aquarium. Kikuko read a story about a girl who always changed her hobbies every time she got a new boy friend. At the end the girl thought about starting using personal computers.

    Then Kikuko talked about computers..
    Kikuko: There is a forum SQRAG#6 in Niftyserve about this radio show. Thank you to those who always write. Also to the people in Marine Park Kikko and Yuubina Osakana, thank you very much.

    [Marine Park Kikko = the Inoue Kikuko forum in Niftyserve]
    [Yuubina Osakana = the Inoue Kikuko ML on the Internet]

    Kikuko: Do you know a chocolate called Peroty by Glico? I liked it when I was little and hadn't seen it for a while. Now there is some Hokkaidou Peroty. One of the staff members brought it. The picture has many famous things about Hokkaidou. Some of them are cute, like the animals, but others are very funny.

    Kikuko was going to say good bye, but then she realized that she had not said the address for the letters. She quickly said that address and then said good bye.

    [Ruri Iro Aquarium]

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