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  • 瑠璃色アクアリウム - 1996.03.22

    Hashire Makibaou (Fumap)
    Kikuko: I have the picture collection that just came out, La Sirene here. It's a little embarrassing looking at it, but it's also funny.

    Kikuko: There is an oil painting done by my father, and I'm in it. There's also a lot done with CG (computer graphics) to make me look like a mermaid, or put me inside a ball and such.

    Kikuko: Also there is a listing of the 108 characters that I have done in anime and foreign movies. It has the pictures of the characters and actresses too, so you can see the faces of the the people that I have done. It's interesting.

    Kikuko: This book went on sale yesterday, but it will reach all of the bookstores around 3/25. If you are interested, please get it.

    [oneechan ni kike corner]

    Kikuko: I have several seiyuu friends that use a kids voice and say things like, "My mother isn't home." when the newspaper man comes to try to get subscriptions.

    Kikuko: I know a way to try to prevent my stomach from grumbling. Just when you feel it coming, you tighten your stomach muscles, and it doesn't grumble. It's true. It works around 70% of the time. It really works. I think that this can change your life. But the other times, it comes and you can't avoid it. When that happens, you just laugh it off..

    Then Kikuko played Hashire Makibaou the OP song to the TV anime Midori no Makibaou, by the group Fumap. Fumap was a group made up of announcers from Fuji TV.

    [new products corner]

    Kikuko: One of my friends brought back a tube of flavored toothpaste from a trip to Hawaii. They have various flavored ones over there, like grape, orange, chocolate. Then her father ate one tube of the chocolate flavored one, thinking it was chocolate candy. It's so funny.

    Kikuko: I think a naruto [a piece of white circular fish cake that has a red spiral in it] is a sun that is floating in the ramen. That one naruto makes me feel happy.

    [theater aquarium corner]

    Kikuko read a story about a girl who fell in love with a guy who worked at the train station. The BGM was a Marmalade Boy song by Kouda Mariko.

    Kikuko: I remember feeling this way too, when I was in high school. It wasn't like love in my case. But I was a little nervous when I went by.

    [BGM: Youkina Manbou]

    Kikuko: I'm doing a role in Saint Tail. There's going to be an one hour special on 3/28. There will be a special report on Sakurai Tomo. Also the cameras came into the studio the other day. So, I'm in it a little bit! There might be some of you that have never seen me. So if you see the Saint Tail special, you can see me. Please don't be disappointed. It's probably going to be fun.

    Kikuko: I have some sad news to tell you. Some of you might have listened to Haoujuku that was aired earlier today. Next week will be the last broadcast of this program. Those of you who have listened since Twilight Syndrome have been with me for one year. There were a lot of oi oi, but everyone was so kind. It was a very fun year.

    Kikuko: Next week I'll also do the oneechan ni kike. So please send me your final questions. Also please send me your thoughts and memories of this past year. I want to read all of your letters quickly, so please send your letters and postcards tonight or tomorrow.

    [Ruri Iro Aquarium]

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