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  • のわんちゃって SAY YOU - 1995.01.01

    Hayashibara Megumi (林原めぐみ)
    Until Strawberry Sherbet (Hayashibara Megumi, Greg Lee)
    The guest was Hayashibara Megumi.

    Akahori Satoru explained the setting of SM Girls Saber Marionette. It's based in a world where there were only boys. In place of girls, there were androids, called Saber Marionettes. Then in this world, girls re-appear. This is the story of SM Girls Saber Marionette J (running in Dragon Magazine now). This SM Girls Saber Marionette R takes place about 200 years later.

    They had some messages from other members of the cast. (The cast list is at the end of this report.)

    Cherry (Shiratori Yuri): Hello, I'm Shiratori Yuri doing the role of Cherry. It has been a while since I got to do a cute role. Akahori-san, if it becomes too late again, please drive me home again, although my mother is still scary.

    Bloodberry (Hiramatsu Akiko): Hello, I'm Hiramatsu Akiko. I'm doing the role of Bloodberry. In this drama I'm playing the older sister of Hayashibara Megumi, so it's the opposite of normal life. Maybe she's a little upset at that. To Akahori-sensei, it's the first time that I'm doing one of your stories, so I want to go to a yakiniku store and eat a good steak. Please cheer for this story. I hope it continues for a long time.

    Akahori Satoru explained that he had driven Shiratori Yuri home once before. "It would have been great if we were alone, but Kappei was there too."

    Cherry and Bloodberry, along with Lime, were saber marionettes. They are supposed to protect the main character Junior. Yuri and Akiko were going to be guests in two weeks

    Some more messages.

    Star Face (Midorikawa Hikaru): Since he hasn't appeared that much, I don't know how he will be yet. A message to Akahori-sensei.. This is the first time that I've worked with him, so I hope things go well.

    Junior (Imai Yuka): Since everything is new, I'm perplexed at everything. But I'll try to do my best.

    Akahori Satoru said that Imai Yuka was a cute new voice actress, and that he was happy..

    Some more messages.

    Brid (Inoue Kikuko): Hello everyone, I'm Inoue Kikuko doing the role of Brid. This role is a bad character, and also a sexy character. But usually since I'm told I don't have sex appeal, I'll try very hard to bring out the sex appeal that is hiding in me. This is a very good drama, so please cheer for us.

    Edge (Takano Urara): I'm Takano Urara doing the role of Edge. With Mizutani Yuko and Inoue Kikuko, we are doing the ecchi, bad girls. I've done many bad roles, but it is the first time doing something like this. I was very nervous. I've heard rumurs that Akahori Satoru will take us to eat lots of good things, so I'm looking forward to that and meeting many people.

    Akahori Satoru said, "Inoue Kikuko is very popular right? I thought she was very pretty, and in this drama there was a line Tie me up, tie me up. I saw that she was trying very hard, so I even asked her to pant."
    Mizutani Yuko said, "You made Kikko-chan do that.."
    Satoru said, "Since people say she is an ojousama seiyuu, I like to do that to those pure girls. Hehehe.."

    Some more messages.

    Dr. Lizzetta (Chiba Shigeru): Hello everyone I'm Chiba Shigeru. The role I'm doing is Dr. Lizzetta, and he's a very strange man. I think it would be great if there were more drama like this that would make you all happy. The world is very dark right now, so I hope there will be more drama that will make you laugh. So please enjoy this until the end.

    narration (Horiuchi Ken'yuu): I'm Horiuchi Ken'yuu, and I'm doing the narration. With so many popular seiyuu, I'm a little embarrassed because I'm so old. But since my senpai Chiba Shigeru is here too, I'll try hard. A message to Akahori Satoru-sensei.. We go drinking and karaoke a lot, but when he gets drunks he tends to get cry out. If he can fix that I think he can be a better sensei. There are lots of other things that I would like to say, but I'll stop here.

    Yuko said, "Please say more! I hope he can come as a guest."
    Satoru said, "He knows lots of dangerous things that shouldn't be said.."

    The script writer for Saber Marionette is Kawasaki Hiroyuki, and the radio drama will start next week.

    The video of Saber Marionette R will come out in May, July, and September. The character design was done by Tanuma Yuuichirou and Izuna ????. Tanuma-sensei designed the bad characters, and Izuna-sensei designed the good characters. The only instructions that Akahori Satoru gave to Tanuma-sensei was to make the characters ecchi.

    Then they played Megumi's song Until Strawberry Sherbet.

    SM Girls Saber Marionette R cast list

    The cast of SM Girls Saber Marionette R is as follows.

    Lime Hayashibara Megumi
    Cherry Shiratori Yuri
    Bloodberry Hiramatsu Akiko
    Junior Imai Yuka
    Dr. Lizzetta Chiba Shigeru
    Star Face Midorikawa Hikaru
    Kyanny Mizutani Yuko
    Brid Inoue Kikuko
    Edge Takano Urara

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