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  • のわんちゃって SAY YOU - 1995.03.12

    Orikasa Ai (折笠愛)
    Dansei Kaihou Sengen (Orikasa Ai)
    SM Girls Saber Marionette R episode 9
    Orikasa Ai's nickname is Orion.

    Poririn said, "There is something in Ai-chan's voice, like a subliminal effect, that makes my face turn red. It's very sexy."

    The drama was Saber Marionette R episode 9.

    talk with Orikasa Ai

    Ai said in a very sexy voice ,"Good evening, I'm Orikasa Ai."

    Yuko asked, "When did you start getting this sexy voice?"
    Ai said, "I never thought that it was that sexy.."
    Poririn said, "I thought it was sexy the first time I met you."
    Yuko said, "Me too."
    Ai said, "Really? Then maybe it's from Pururun."
    Yuko said, "Maybe you got the disease from Poririn."
    Poririn said, "Hey wait a minute! Is Ai-chan's sexy voice a disease?"
    Yuko said, "Umm.. When the disease works in the good way, it becomes something like Ai-chan's voice. When it works in the bad way, it becomes something like Poririn."
    Poririn said, "So if one doesn't get the disease, you become like Yuko, without any sex appeal."
    Yuko said, "Shut up!"

    Orikasa Ai had the lead role in Aoi Sora no Romeo, which was her second lead role. She will also be in Tenchi Muyou, starting soon.

    Yuko said that the after recording script for Tenchi has a different picture every week. The one for their next recording session has Sazaesan on it.

    Ai will also be playing on boy on the new Gundam series.

    Poririn, Ai, Yuko, and some others will get together and make a CD. It will be a gag of ecchi stuff. This is the real ecchi stuff.

    Ai said, "Then I'll have to try hard.. at the ecchi parts."
    Poririn said, "If you try real hard at the ecchi parts, the listeners won't be able to recover."
    Yuko said, "What if it gets banned, because Ai-chan's voice is too ecchi."


    Then they played Orikasa Ai's song Dansei Kaihou Sengen from her new album. Ai said, "I would like people to listen to this with headphones." Ai sang in a very sexy voice..

    A man is a slave, a woman is the master.
    Ever since the beginning of history, nothing has changed.
    Ever since the beginning of history, the same bait works.
    Become free.
    Don't try so hard.
    Let's be free.

    After the song, Poririn started howling.

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