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  • のわんちゃって SAY YOU - 1995.05.06

    Iwao Junko (岩男潤子)
    Shutter Chance no Renzoku (Iwao Junko)
    Bakuretsu Hunter 2 monthly collection 2
    There was a letter from a listener. "This program moved to late night, where it belongs. But it is Tominaga Miina, Shiina Hekiru, Tange Sakura, and then Akahori Satoru. It's like going from heaven to hell. Please make it a radio show fitting for late night."

    The guest this week was Iwao Junko.

    The drama was Bakuretsu Hunter 2 monthly collection 2.


    Poririn said that Junko was shaking. Junko said, "The tension is great and my body is shaking, and my heart is pounding."

    Junko used to be in the idol group Saint Four. She joined the group sometime in the middle.

    Junko's seiyuu debut was Melissa in Montana Jones. Recently, she did a boy's voice in Chibi Maruko-chan.

    Then Poririn played a message by Inoue Kikuko, which was recorded in a restaurant. "Good evening. Who do you think I am? Jun-chan, how are you? I'm Inoue Kikuko. Hiramatsu Akiko is next to me and she's laughing. I wonder if I'm strange. When Jun-chan stands in front of the mike, her hands become like a penguin. I think it's great. Please don't forget your penguin-ness. Jun-chan's album 'Tadaima' is a great album, so please listen to it."
    Junko said, "It's not Tadaima."
    After the message, Mizutani Yuko said, "There's a mistake in the message."
    Junko said, "Tadaima is oneechan's CD. My CD is Hajimemashite."
    Poririn said, "You two are very friendly, just like sisters."
    Junko said, "We are sisters."
    Poririn said, "There are many sisters in this seiyuu world. Hiramatsu Akiko and Hayashibara Megumi too."

    Poririn asked, "You're like a penguin?"
    Junko said, "When I get nervous, my elbow gets extended and my hands go up a little. That looks like a penguin. I also like fish. People tell me to fix this habit, but I still haven't.."

    Nowanchatte Questions

    Then they went on to the nowanchatte questions.

    Q: What color are you panties?
    Junko: Jungle color.

    Q: What was the most embarrassing moment in your life?
    Junko: I don't know.

    Q: Which part of your body is the most ecchi?
    Junko: Umm.. I don't know.. What should I do?
    Poririn: You can only use "I don't know" twice.

    Q: What do you wear when you sleep, pajamas, negligee, or Chanel number 5?
    Junko: Chanel number 5.. no.. I wear pajamas.

    Q: Have you kissed a girl before?
    Junko: Yes, yes.

    Q: When you got home, the guy that you liked was sleeping in your bed?
    Junko: Then I'll go next to him.. ha ha.. if it's a guy that I liked..

    Q: What would you do if I said, let's do it?
    Junko: Key is a robot..

    [end of questions]

    Poririn said that Junko had passed.


    Then they played Shutter Chance no Renzoku by Iwao Junko.

    After the song, Junko said, "There are lots of things to talk about, so if I start, it will take all night."
    Poririn said, "Then I'll be with you all night."
    Junko said, "Ok, next time.."
    Poririn said, "Wow."
    Junko said, "I might have been sleeping right now. I was talking in my sleep."

    Junko said (about her album), "I did all of the chorus myself too. I'm very happy about this CD."


    After the CM, Junko asked, "Is it over already?" as the mike was still turned on and she didn't realize it. (^_^)

    Yuko asked Poririn, "How are you choosing the guests?"
    Poririn said, "We get requests and we add up the points. But if I like them, that gets 16 points."

    Junko said that there will be a 81 Produce Charity Event on 5/20 at the Tobu Department store.

    [Nowanchatte Say You]

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