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  • のわんちゃって SAY YOU - 1995.05.13

    Iwao Junko (岩男潤子)
    Nakanai Weekend (Iwao Junko)
    Bakuretsu Hunter 2 monthly collection 3
    The guest this week was Iwao Junko again.

    Yuko: Did you hear anything from oneechan about this program?
    Junko: Yes, she told me to be prepared for it. She said that I would be asked the color of my panties, so we decided on "jungle color". I was determined to say that, and after I said it, I was so moved that I couldn't answer the other questions.
    Yuko: Are there jungle colored things?
    Junko: I don't know.

    The drama was Bakuretsu Hunter 2 monthly collection 3.


    Poririn: Can you drink?
    Junko: I like it.
    Poririn: Do you go wild when you get drunk?
    Junko: I start laughing and keep laughing.
    Poririn: Inoue Kikuko does that too.

    Q [from listener]: I hear that singing is your real profession. What do you think about seiyuu work, and what is the most memorable anime that you have done?
    Junko: Both are real professions. I just started late as a seiyuu, last spring. The most memorable anime is my debut anime of Montana Jones.
    Poririn: You've been in this profession for a long time?
    Junko: 12 years.
    Poririn: You came to Tokyo when you were 13?
    Junko: Yes, when I was in second year of junior high.
    Poririn: You didn't live by yourself, did you?
    Junko: At first I lived with my uncle, but then I moved into a dorm of the production.
    Yuko: Just like the idols who stay at the house of the president.
    Junko: Yes.
    Yuko: So you practiced dance and songs?
    Junko: Yes.
    Poririn: That's not something most people can do.
    Yuko: Wow, she's a geinoujin! Did you go to Horikoshi Gakuen?
    Junko: No, I went to Meidai Nakano.
    [Meidai Nakano is a high school for these stars who couldn't go to regular schools because of their busy schedules.]

    Poririn: You've done a lot of stage plays?
    Junko: Not that much.
    Yuko: What kinds have you done?
    Junko: A musical in Red Haired Ann and other series things. Also I did a lot of uta no oneesan roles and went all over the country.
    [uta no oneesan = the girl who goes to the children's shows and sings the children's songs and talks to the children.]
    Yuko: If you ever need a kigurumi of a monkey and a frog..
    Poririn: Hey!

    Poririn: You want to try some meisaku gekijou things?
    Junko: Yes, I have tried auditioning for it a couple times. I hope I can get it someday.
    Poririn: She wants to do meisaku gekijou and Disney.
    Junko: Yes.

    Yuko: Why did you want to become a seiyuu?
    Junko: When I was 13, I wanted to sing the theme song to meisaku gekijou. I also wanted to do the role in it.


    Then they played Nakanai Weekend by Iwao Junko, from the album Hajimemashite.

    After the song, Poririn said that he heard a secret. Poririn: Are you going to do a duet with Inoue Kikuko?
    Junko: Yes, in July there is going to be a single and a mini album. Oneechan is a fish, and I'm a penguin, so our group name will be Osakana Penguin.
    Poririn: Maybe we should make a group Osaru Kerokero. [monkey and frog]
    Junko: In the summer, we will have mini concert events in 6 places.
    Yuko: Maybe they can split into the penguin team and osakana team to cheer.
    Junko: The song is very Disney-ish and nice.
    Yuko: A classic, orchestra type?
    Junko: Yes.


    In June there will be a Nowanchatte Say You book coming out.

    [Nowanchatte Say You]

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