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  • のわんちゃって SAY YOU - 1995.10.28

    Nagashima Yuko (永島由子)
    Wonderland Dreaming (Nagashima Yuko)
    Saber Marionette J episode 2
    The guest this week was Nagashima Yuko. She introduced herself as Yuppie.

    Mizutani Yuko: We are the same Yuko, but you're Yuppie, and I'm Kerorin..
    Nagashima Yuko: Kerorin is cute too.
    Mizutani Yuko: But Yuppie is cuter.. How did it become Yuppie?
    Nagashima Yuko: I asked my fans, and that was chosen.
    Mizutani Yuko: See, it's so cute.

    Poririn: Yuko was so quiet today, that I put some whiskey into the tea that she was drinking.

    The drama was Saber Marionette J episode 2.

    Yuko: I'm from Osaka, but people tell me that I'm not very good at it.
    Poririn: I like girls who speak Osaka-ben.

    Then Poririn asked Yuko to say that she likes him in Osaka-ben.

    Nagashima Yuko released an album called Fancy Girl. Then they played Wonderland Dreaming from that album.

    Q [from a listener]: There was a picture with you in the bubble bath on this album. Were you wearing a bathing suit? Or..
    Yuko: It's a secret.. and I was told not to say.

    Nagashima Yuko wrote the lyrics to three of the songs.

    Yuko will do the role of Takamiya Rina in Kaitou Saint Tail.
    Yuko: She's a very mean girl. I have a lot of those recently.

    [Nowanchatte Say You]

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