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  • のわんちゃって SAY YOU - 1995.11.11

    Matsumoto Yasunori (松本保典)
    Saber Marionette J episode 4
    The drama was Saber Marionette J episode 4.

    This was the end of the first story of Saber Marionette J.

    Poririn: The character Muenchhausen comes from a German children's story.

    Matsumoto: I'm in H2 with Furumoto Shinnosuke.
    Poririn: What!? You can do ecchi two times?
    Matsumoto: Yeah, it's a fun program.
    Kerorin: What kind of role are you doing?
    Matsumoto: I'm the manager of the baseball team.

    Matsumoto: I'm also in Kuma no Puutarou.

    Also Matsumoto Yasunori will be in the video It's Say You volume 3, which goes on sale in December.

    Poririn: Columbia gave me all three sample tapes. I watched them all, but I liked two the most.
    Kerorin: I know what you are after!
    Poririn: Tange Sakura-chan.
    Matsumoto: You like her?
    Poririn: When I hear her voice, I get very excited.

    Matsumoto: There seems to be some talk of a second series of this video series.

    [Nowanchatte Say You]

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