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  • のわんちゃって SAY YOU - 1995.12.02

    Tominaga Miina (冨永み〜な)
    Osaru Kerokero Daibakushin (Akahori Satoru, Mizutani Yuko)
    Saber Marionette J episode 6
    On 12/23, there will be a six hour special on Bunka Housou. Anime Christmas special 21:00 - 24:00 will have Tominaga Miina, Shiina Hekiru, Kouda Mariko, and Hasegawa Nobita as the main personalities. The guests will be Megu-chan, Aa-chan, Ta-chan, Shin-chan.. Then 24:00 - 27:00 will be an Akahori Satoru special with guests Tange Sakura, Hiroi Ouji, Yokoyama Chisa, Matsumoto Yasunori, Tanaka Mayumi, and Kasahara Rumi. There will be presents and such so that people should listen to it live instead of a recording..

    The drama was Saber Marionette J episode 6.

    Poririn said that he recorded the talk session of the Saber Marionette J drama CD the other day at a very expensive restaurant. (He didn't say who the seiyuu were, but he said that one of the next seiyuu would be Mizutani Yuko.)

    Miina currently has three radio shows. She is also doing Sazaesan, Anpan-man, Nurse Angel Ririka SOS, and doing narration for a few other TV shows.

    Miina started voice acting when she was in second grade. She did a voice of a girl in Little House in the Prairie. But she only said, "Papa!" and such.

    Miina's first anime was Rascal when she was in fifth grade. Miina did Tokimeki Tonight when she was in junior high, and Pelshia when she was in high school.

    Miina: My voice isn't cute. But it's not sexy either. I think it is hard to pick a role for me with my voice.

    Miina: I think a lot of the people studying to be seiyuu now have similar voices. I think it's all right to have a more variety of voices.

    Miina: Most people who want to be seiyuu want to be anime seiyuu. There are many other kinds of voices, and people should try open themselves to more things.
    Kerorin: Yes, people should try watching TV, movies, stage playes, and other things.

    Then they played Akahori Satoru's debut song! It was Osaru Kerokero Daibakushin by Akahori Satoru and Mizutani Yuko, from the Aburami Brothers album that was coming out later in December.

    Poririn: I'm sorry.
    Kerorin: But it was fun.
    Poririn: The recording ended very fast. It only took 15 minutes.
    Miina: Wow, the staff gave up very quickly..

    [Nowanchatte Say You]

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