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  • のわんちゃって SAY YOU - 1995.12.09

    Iwata Mitsuo (岩田光央)
    Miyamura Yuko (宮村優子)
    Hello Strange Days (Miyamura Yuko)
    Saber Marionette J episode 7
    The guests were Iwata Mitsuo and Miyamura Yuko.

    Many people said that the way Poririn talks was very similar to Iwata Mitsuo. Then Yuko (Miyamura) said that Poririn's opening talk was very similar too.

    The drama was Saber Marionette J episode 7.

    Miyamura Yuko's nickname was Miyamuu, and Iwata Mitsuo's was Gan-chan. As they were going to start the talk corner, Poririn said that he had to make an apology.
    Poririn: While we were getting ready, I was sitting down and I stretched and reached back. Miyamuu was sitting next to me, and I might have touched her breasts.
    Yuko: Oh no!
    Mitsuo: Really!? You're so lucky!
    Yuko: I won't be able to get married!
    Kerorin: How terrible! You'll have to pay her medical bills.

    Nowanchatte Questions

    This was the first time that they were going to do nowanchatte questions on both guests simultaneously.

    Poririn: Miyamuu, what color are your panties?
    Yuko: Polar bear.
    Kerorin: So cute.
    Poririn: Gan-chan, what color are you bras?
    Mitsuo: Today.. is no bra.

    Poririn: Gan-chan, if you get a proposal by Seki Toshihiko or Poririn, which would you choose?
    Mitsuo: Seki-san.

    Poririn (to Yuko): Would you rather be in a CD produced by Poririn or an AV (adult video) produced by Komuro Tetsuya.
    Yuko: AV!
    Poririn: Hey you!

    Poririn (to Mitsuo): What did you think when you first heard that you were similar to Poririn?
    Mitsuo: My heart started pounding.

    Poririn (to Yuko): What did you think of Iwata Mitsuo when you first met him?
    Yuko: He's weird.
    Mitsuo: Hey!

    Poririn (to Mitsuo): Which do you prefer, beautiful skinned girls or [something else?]?
    Mitsuo: Beautiful skin.
    Poririn: Why?
    Mitsuo: I like girls that have nice skin.

    [end of nowanchatte questions]

    Poririn: There were a lot of letters about homo again..
    Kerorin: Are you gay?
    Mitsuo: I'm bi.
    Kerorin: What's that?
    Poririn: He's both.
    Yuko: Me too!

    Iwata Mitsuo and Miyamura Yuko worked together in the audio drama Boku no Mary, which was aired on Bunka Housou earlier this year. Boku no Mary will become an OAV next March. Then they played the theme song to the OAV Hello Strange Days by Miyamura Yuko.

    There will also be an event for Boku no Mary next year.

    Iwata Mitsuo will be in a stage play from 12/20 to 12/27.

    Manga no Mori Bakuretsu Fair

    The seiyuu signing sessions will be held as follows.

    • 12/23 Kichijoji, Ikebukuro - Mizutani Yuko
    • 12/23 Tsudanuma, Ueno - Shimamoto Sumi
    • 12/23 Machida, Takadanobaba - Furumoto Shinnosuke
    • 12/24 Kawagoe - Mizutani Yuko
    • 12/24 Yokohama, Shibuya - Shimamoto Sumi
    • 12/24 Ohmiya, Shinjuku - Furumoto Shinnosuke

    [Nowanchatte Say You]

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