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  • Nowanchatte Say You - 1998.02.14

    Maeda Ai (İ)
    Shinjiteru (Maeda Ai)
    Poririn: The "sacrifice" for today is Maeda Ai!
    Then Poririn asked Ai to do Emiryun's voice.. (^_^;)

    Poririn read some of Ai's profile, and pointed out that she was strange.

    Ai's "special skills" were swimming, spending money, and turning her head. She likes Patlabor, Wataru 2, and Lamune & 40. (Poririn was very happy.)

    Ai's "hobby" was sleeping twice (waking up, but going to sleep again). Ai liked to eat surume (dried squid), and she likes Japanese sake. She hates green peas, broccoli, celery, and parsley.

    Ai's favorite Olympic sport is "torch relay". Her least favorite sport is "stepping on shadows", because it always disappears when she's about to step on it.

    Ai likes playing RPGs, all night.

    Ai would like to go to Egypt, and play in the pyramids. Also she would like to float in the Dead Sea.

    If she wasn't a seiyuu, Ai would like to be a dancer or drummer. Also she would like to write a novel.
    Poririn said that he was looking for a disciple..

    Ai would like to do a role of an evil woman. She would like to do someone like DaCider from Lamune & 40.

    Ai's manager was also there, and he tried to "promote" Ai. But he wasn't doing that good.. He just said that Ai can do everything.

    Then Ai took the "nowanchatte questions". Ai said that she wanted sukiyaki.

    Poririn: What color panties are you wearing?
    Ai: White.
    [Then Poririn couldn't think of the next question for a while. Maybe he got excited by Ai's answer.. ^_^;]
    Yuko: Are you trying to imagine it?
    Poririn: I'm looking for the paper..

    Poririn: A boy that you liked was sleeping in your bed. What would you do?
    Ai: Stroke his hair.

    Poririn: Have you ever kissed a girl?
    Ai: In my dreams. It was scary.
    Poririn: Do you like lez?
    Ai: No.

    Poririn: If the world was going to end, and you were with Poririn, what would you do?
    Ai: I'll ask him how to write a novel.

    Ai said that lots of people are saying "ryun".. But there isn't that many places where she can use that in everyday life.

    Ai has been doing seiyuu work for around 2 years.

    She came out of Aoni Juku Osaka school, and there were about 50 students in Ai's class.

    Ai said that she wanted to do her own live, even though she only has 3 songs. She said she wanted to write her own songs.
    Poririn: Do you use a computer and write songs?
    Ai: I would like to, but I don't have money..
    Poririn: I can..
    [Yuko stopped Poririn. ^_^;]

    Ai's manager said that Ai has a childish voice, but she can also do adult roles..

    Ai: I get mistaken for the child actor Maeda Ai, but I'm a different person. Please remember me, and please look at Heroine Games.

    Then they played Ai's song, Shinjiteru from Bomberman Selection 98.

    [Nowanchatte Say You]

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