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  • アニメスクランブル - 1995.01.20

    Mitsuya Yuuji (三ッ矢雄二)
    Nakimushi no Mermaid (Mitsuishi Kotono as Satsuki)
    Touch (Iwasaki Yoshimi)
    Nobita and Noriko read some information about new stuff.

    G Gundam Fight round 4 is the third album, and is coming out soon.

    Shiina Hekiru's first live tour will be this spring. The Tokyo stop will be 3/29 at the Eggman in Shibuya. Hekiru will also go to Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka, Sendai, Hokkaidou.

    Taiho Shichauzo music karaoke video Karaoke Shichauzo file 2 1/2 will go on sale 2/22. It is 2500 yen, and will contain 3 songs. The guest for the 2/3 show will be Tamagawa Sakiko and Hiramatsu Akiko.

    The title for Hummingbird 3 has been decided. It will be Idol Boueitai Hummingbird 95 Kazeno Uta. It will go on sale 6/1. Also there will be 5 CDs coming out this spring. Each CD will feature one of the Hummingbird girls, and will have three solo songs and some drama. Satsuki (Mitsuishi Kotono) will go on sale 2/17, Mina (Shiina Hekiru) will go on sale 2/22, and Yayoi (Amano Yuri), Uzuki (Kusachi Fumie), Canna (Tamagawa Sakiko) will go on sale 3/15. The CDs will be 2000 yen each.

    Then they played Satsuki's song Nakimushi no Mermaid.

    The guest was Mitsuya Yuuji, and he commented about Touch. "Touch was the first anime that I did where I was told to do in a normal voice. With previous and other anime, the voices are done in an 'over-acting' way. But with Touch it was to be normal. Also since Hidaka Noriko was 'new' (it was her second anime, and it had only been 9 months since she started doing anime work), I was told by the director to help her. So I was like a nice, gentle older brother."
    Noriko shouted out, "Liar!" Then Noriko talked about how mean Yuuji was, and Yuuji talked about how stuck up Noriko was. (^_^)
    Nobita asked, "How was Touch to you?"
    Noriko said, "If there wasn't Touch, I wouldn't be as I am now. The two years that I did Touch was like going to voice acting school."

    In commemoration of the 10th anniversary of Touch, the Touch Perfect Collection will go on sale this year. The first four volumes will go on sale 2/1. Then they played Touch by Iwasaki Yoshimi, the OP song to Touch.

    Nobita asked, "Are there any scenes that left you with big impressions?"
    Yuuji said, "When Kazuya died. We were like a happy family when we were recording Touch. But for this episode, it was very different. The whole studio was very serious. After the recording, we felt like we lost one member of the family. Also the final episode. It felt like.. Hidaka had improved this much."
    Noriko said, "There are too many. Maybe the line 'Tacchan'. I said it so many times."
    Yuuji said, "With that one line, she had to change feelings. So her acting skills were required. If you don't look at the pictures closely and study the script, it can't be done."
    Noriko said, "Yes, that's left in my heart."
    Yuuji said, "But if it wasn't for this, we wouldn't be such good friends."
    Noriko said, "Yes."
    Yuuji said, "With other shows, you're friends while the show is running. But when it ends, it's usually good bye. But with Touch it's different."

    Nobita asked, "When Kazuya died, you had a funeral for him?"
    Noriko said, "Yes, we set up a monochrome cel of Kazuya and had a party."

    They were going to give away 5 copies of Touch volume 1 as presents.

    Noriko said, "Really, Touch is a treasure to me."
    Yuuji said, "It was Minami equals Hidaka Noriko. There weren't many characters that fit so perfectly in anime."
    Noriko said, "Yes. At the final preview session, I cried a lot. Even at the last completion party, I cried a lot. This is the only anime where I cried so much."

    There was a question from a listener about the adlibs.
    Noriko said, "There were many times when I did the adlibs. But one of the few that actually succeeded was the 'dokkoisho' (when Minami was feeling a little tired. The director told me, ''You might say dokkoisho when you are tired, but Minami is still young so she doesn't say it.'' But I felt that 'dokkoisho' should be used at that situation, instead of just a sigh of tiredness. Then in later scripts, there was the line Minami: dokkoisho."
    Yuuji said, "Yes, there were many adlibs. But most disappeared."
    Noriko said, "I thought about it so much. I worried so much. We did the retakes so many times. But sometimes it just became BGM in the anime. There were so many."

    Future guests will be Kouda Mariko, Tamagawa Sakiko and Hiramatsu Akiko, Hayashibara Megumi, Shiina Hekiru, and a member of TMN.

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