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  • アニメスクランブル - 1995.01.27

    Kouda Mariko (國府田マリ子)
    It's Destiny [Tekkaman Blade 2]
    Kitto Aeruyone (Kouda Mariko) [Tekkaman Blade 2]
    Various anime information..

    There will be a new Lupin movie, the fifth one, coming out in Golden Week. The previous four movies will go on sale in video and LD form.

    G Gundam LD/video set will start coming out. 6 LDs, 12 videos. (49 episodes)

    They played the song It's Destiny from Tekkaman Blade 2.

    The guest this week was Kouda Mariko. (first time on this show)

    They asked whether she always wanted to be a seiyuu. Mariko said, "No. When I was little, there were so many things that I wanted to do, such as a nurse, teacher, pianist, ballerina, etc.. Since I'm the type to go ahead whenever I feel something, I tried a lot of these things. But it didn't feel right to me. At the end, I decided that I wanted to study history. But when I took the exam to go to college, I failed. So there wasn't anything that I wanted to do. But in the spring, some of my friends took me out and I saw the pretty flowers. I really felt that the flowers were very pretty. It felt like I saw them for the first time. So I felt like I can do something too. I liked animation, so I auditioned to a voice acting school and went for it."

    "At voice acting school you learn things that you have never done before. So I got scolded at a lot. There were many times when I was crying when I was going home. I thought about quitting many times. We ran every morning at school. It was in Inogashira Park. I saw that the sky was clear and beautiful, so I decided to try hard."

    "When kids record their voice for the first time, they are shocked. I always hated my voice. When I heard my voice for the first time in grade school, I was very shocked. I thought, ''What is this person.'' But finally I got used to it, and it became the same (my voice and what I hear) to me."

    Then they played Kouda Mariko's song Kitto Aeruyone from Tekkaman Blade 2.

    Nobita asked, "How is Yumi Francois? Was is hard?"
    Mariko said, "I think I'm having a hard time, but other people around me think it's just me."

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