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  • アニメスクランブル - 1995.02.03

    Tamagawa Sakiko (玉川紗己子)
    Hiramatsu Akiko (平松晶子)
    100 MPH no Yuuki (Tamagawa Sakiko, Hiramatsu Akiko)
    Nobita commented that Noriko changed her hair style again. (It was straight this time.) He also commented that she changes her hair style so often. Noriko said that her hair grows very fast, and that it was one of her joys to get a new hair style when she goes to the beauty parlor. She commented that it was amazing how men can have the same hair style for one, two, or three years.

    [CM - There was a CM for the Karaoke Shichauzo video, with voices by Tamagawa Sakiko and Hiramatsu Akiko.]

    There was an anime movie coming out in March which is based on a story by Kine Naoto of TMN. Kine Naoto will be producing the music, and he will even do a voice.

    Mahoujin Guru Guru image album will come out. Nike, Kukuri, and others will sing songs. It will contain the OP and 4 other vocals.

    Blue Seed soundtrack volume 2 will come out on March 3. Takada Band will have 2 new songs on it.

    The guests this week were Tamagawa Sakiko and Hiramatsu Akiko.

    They started the talk with a talk about Valentine's Day.
    Q: Do you remember the first Valentine's chocolate that you gave?
    Akiko: Yes. It was when I was in grade school, so it wasn't like I liked him that much. I heard that one boy might like me, so I gave him the chocolate. Then on March 14, I received a set of candy. I remember that.
    Sakiko: It was my father and younger brother. I just got it back and ate it myself.

    There was a question from a listener asking about their favorite food.
    Sakiko: I like things that are delicious at the moment.

    Akiko said that when she stayed over at Sakiko's house they drank all night. Noriko commented that Akiko goes over to many people's houses, Tomizawa Michie, Hayashibara Megumi, Fuchizaki Yuriko.. Then Nobita asked who's house had the biggest impression, and Akiko said that it was Megumi's as she had gone there the most. "It's like my own house. I like the bath a lot."

    Going back to food, Akiko said, "I like anything that is delicious, melon, ikuradon."

    They talked about Karaoke Shichauzo. It's like a music video. It contains 3 songs. The TPD (Tokyo Police-woman Duo) song is like a music video, and the other songs are karaoke. It's actual video, instead of animation. So it was Sakiko's first video since Russian lessons, and Akiko's first since the music video in Bali. The vocals are set in the L and R channels, so you can do duets if your video/LD supports this.

    Q: Have you seen it?
    Akiko: It was very funny. I watched it many times.

    They played the song 100 MPH no Yuuki the OP song to Taiho Shichauzo, by Tamagawa Sakiko and Hiramatsu Akiko.

    There are many clothes, including normal clothes, in the karaoke video.

    They will be giving away the two telephone cards, which were only sold at the Taiho events, as presents. (signed by Tamagawa Sakiko and Hiramatsu Akiko)

    Noriko was on a TV cooking show called Yuushoku Banzai. A listener asked if she was a good cook. Noriko said, "Actually it was the third time that I went on that program. The previous two times, I made major mistakes. This time it was very easy, as the vegetables were all cut and all I had to do was fry it." [She said that she wasn't a very good cook.]
    Sakiko had seen the program and said, "You looked very good."
    Noriko said, "I practiced it twice at home!"

    Future guests: Hayashibara Megumi, Shiina Hekiru, Kine Naoto, and maybe the Hummingbird girls.

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