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  • アニメスクランブル - 1995.02.24

    Shiina Hekiru (椎名へきる)
    Shitsuren Zenya (Hummingbird)
    Setsunai Egao (Shiina Hekiru)
    Hidaka Noriko ate 71 bowls of soba (Japanese noodles). A long time ago, she went to a noodle shop with some pro-wrestlers (for a job) and had a eating contest.

    X-Men will come out as an arcade game, and also a CD.

    There will be a Hummingbird 95 event in Nagoya, Osaka, and Tokyo (4/23). Mitsuishi Kotono and Kusachi Fumie will be at all three sites. Tamagawa Sakiko, Amano Yuri, and Shiina Hekiru will also be at the Tokyo event. The events will have songs, talk, and the OAV.

    There will be Hummingbird Zapping CD events at several Animate shops. Kusachi Fumie will be the guest.

    They played a song Shitsuren Zenya by Hummingbird. It is the ED of the new OAV.

    The guest was Shiina Hekiru, whose best subject in school was lunch.

    Shiina Hekiru will have a new single coming out soon. The songs in the first album were very soft, and Hekiru sung them that way. But in the single and second album, the songs are much rougher.

    Question from a listener: Last time you said you were interested in coffee. Do you now know more about the taste of coffee?
    Hekiru: I don't know it at all. I do drink coffee a lot, mostly instant. The other day, I went to a very delicious coffee shop in Roppongi, and they had a coffee that seemed like it was made from beans.

    Shiina Hekiru was on TV in a program called Suzuki ke no Himitsu.

    Shiina Hekiru's live tour (7 places, tickets all sold out) will go all over Japan in March and April. There are also some additional concerts in May. (tickets go on sale 3/19)

    Then they played the song Setsunai Egao by Shiina Hekiru, which is her new single.

    Shiina Hekiru's first video will go on sale in May. It will have be an image video with three songs.

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