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  • アニメスクランブル - 1995.03.03

    Kine Naoto
    Hontou no Kimi, Uso no Kimi (Kine Naoto)
    Nobita and Noriko started out by saying that it felt different, because of the guest. Noriko had even gone to see his last concert at the Tokyo Dome. She was feeling very nervous. Noriko had expected the guest to be wearing a black suit, but he was wearing colorful clothes.

    Street Fighter Rap, born in England, will come to Japan. It will go on sale 3/24.

    Fam and Iirii will go on sale in June, 3x3 Eyes will go on sale in July. The Hyper Magical Live event will go to 7 locations in Japan, plus individual events in Osaka and Tokyo. The Tokyo events are 4/29 for 3x3 Eyes and 5/4 for Fam and Iirii.

    The guest this week was Kine Naoto, formerly of TMN. When Noriko and Nobita commented about Naoto's clothes, he said, "The sunglasses and black suit is like a uniform to me. Normally I wear very casual clothes."

    Yunkers Come Here is Kine Naoto's second book. His first book was Carol. He didn't think he can be an author, but the first one was a success so the leader of TMN (Komuro Tetsuya) told him to write another book. Naoto wondered what he can write about, and Tetsuya asked him to write a book about his dog, Yunkers. Some parts of the book are based on the real experiences when TMN was in London. During the recordings, Yunkers was running around, and Tetsuya said, "Yunkers come here!" a lot.

    In the book Yunkers talks. Naoto said, "I was wondering how to write this book. I read many books about animals, and I even had a dog before. In real life, people talk to their dogs, although they don't answer. I thought it would be fun if they answered."

    This story has been turned into an animated movie. Naoto said, "I hadn't thought about it, so I was surprised. I was happy and I think it would be fun."

    Then they played Kine Naoto's song Hontou no Kimi, Uso no Kimi which is the song to Yunkers Come Here.

    In the anime, Naoto does the voice of the main character girl's father. When he went to do the recording, all of the other voices had been done. Naoto said, "It was very hard. There was a scene where I had to laugh. It's very hard to laugh, so I even practiced at home."

    The movie will start 3/18.

    A listener asked about Kine Naoto's glasses, and Naoto said, "Right now I'm wearing sunglasses, but recently I do take them off often. In the newsletter for my fan club, I have had my picture taken with normal glasses."

    Naoto said, "This is a movie that I would like the busy people to watch. You can catch things that you have forgotten, or important things that you are putting aside."

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