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  • アニメスクランブル - 1995.03.10

    Kusachi Fumie (草地章江)
    My Blue Paradise (Kusachi Fumie)
    The Megami Paradise radio drama CD will go on sale 4/5. It will contain drama, unaired OP/ED, and will cost 1980 yen. Also the Megami Paradise OAV will go on sale 6/7 and 8/4.

    Kusachi Fumie was the guest this week. In the Hummingbird fan club newsletter, there is a picture of Fumie's room that she drew herself. It showed there the TV, bed, etc were located in her room. She said that she doesn't use the heater much. She likes to turn on the electric blanket and go inside the bed.

    The 1995 Hummingbird events are going to start. Nagoya, Osaka, Tokyo will have Hummingbird events this spring.

    Hummingbird #4 called Hummingbird 1995 Yume no Basho he will come out in August.

    Kusachi Fumie's picture collection went on sale in February. [It's a large sized book.] She took a lot of the pictures in Saipan. Fumie said, "It's embarrassing."

    The Hummingbird Zapping CD "Uzuki hen" went on sale today. (Uzuki is done by Kusachi Fumie.) The Satsuki (Mitsuishi Kotono) and Mina (Shiina Hekiru) CDs were already on sale.

    At the various Animates there will be events for the picture collection and Zapping CD. It will be mostly signing sessions.

    Then they played My Blue Paradise by Kusachi Fumie, the OP song for Hummingbird #3 and #4, Hummingbird 1995 Kaze no Uta and Hummingbird 1995 Yume no Basho he.

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