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  • アニメスクランブル - 1995.03.17

    Takimoto Fujiko (瀧本富士子)
    Noriko said, "I don't like indecisive guys."

    GS Mikami report 1 (radio drama) will go on sale for 1980 yen. First pressing comes with a box for holding 3 CDs. (there will be 3 CDs released)

    SM Girls Saber Marionette OAVs go on sale soon, act 1 (5/21), act 2 (7/21), act 3 (9/21).

    Princess Minerva on sale: video 5/1 LD 6/1. The first pressing will have a "lucky postcard" where you can win presents. There will be an Ito Miki signing session on 5/21. (Kichijoji and Shibuya) There will be Princess Minerva events: 4/15 Nagoya, 4/16 Osaka, 4/23 Tokyo.

    The guest this week was Takimoto Fujiko (Nike in Mahoujin Guru Guru). It's been less than two years since she started doing seiyuu work. Mahoujin Guru Guru's viewer rating is averaging 12.7!

    Fujiko has more boy's roles than girl's roles. 80% are boy's roles. She said, "I would like to do cool boys."

    Q: When did you start thinking that you wanted to be a boy?
    Fujiko: 5th grade or so. Before that we just played and didn't think much about being a boy or a girl. But around 5th grade, I started thinking about the things that boys do and the things that girls do, and I preferred the things that boys do. With toys, instead of dolls and such, I wanted a radio controlled car.

    I wanted to drama ever since I was in grade school, but there aren't any clubs there. So I was looking forward to junior high. But in my junior high there wasn't any drama club. There was one in my high school. But it was in Osaka and I wanted to speak standard Japanese, so I decided to come to Tokyo.

    Regarding the Nike role in Mahoujin Guru Guru, Fujiko said, "Before the audition, I bought the manga and read it many times."

    On 5/21 Mahoujin Guru Guru volume 1 and 2 will go on sale. It has 4 episodes per tape and will cost 9800 yen. In April, a super famicom game will go on sale.

    When asked about roles that she wanted to do in the future, Fujiko said, "I want to challenge any role that I've never done before."

    The guest next week will be Matsumoto Yasunori. (He just got married.) After that, the guests will be Okui Masami, Ito Miki, and Inoue Kikuko.

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