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  • アニメスクランブル - 1995.04.07

    Itou Miki (伊藤美紀)
    Kawaikute Gomen Asobase (Yuki)
    Blue Seed bangaihen CD singles (gag drama) will go on sale 4/29. There will be one for Momiji, Koume, Takeuchi, Sakura, and Kusanagi. Each one will have a drama, song, and karaoke.

    Mahoujin Guru Guru videos will go on sale.

    Special Scramble

    The guest this week was Ito Miki. She always uses baby powder instead of make up.

    This winter there was a lot of influenza in Japan. Miki was fine until the end of February. Then she got sick. She couldn't rest because of work and she didn't recover for a long time. Then it became hay fever season, and it was very bad this year.

    Nobita asked if there is an effect on her work. Miki said that her voice will become nasal. Also this year her throat became sore, so her voice is a little hoarse.

    Nobita asked, "Why did you want to become a seiyuu?"
    Miki said, "I never wanted to become a seiyuu. I wanted to be an announcer. I went to college and joined the broadcast club. Then one of my senpai told me that my voice was anime-ish, and urged me to try to enter the amateur seiyuu contest. The winner was able to be in Genma Taisen. So I tried and I kept winning, and I got to the final stage where there were 10 people left. There were two people chosen for the grand prix, and I didn't make it, but they gave me a special award. So I realized that there was work as a seiyuu, and I entered a voice acting school. When I was in 3rd year of college, I went to voice acting school at the same time."

    Nobita asked, "What was your first role?"
    Miki said, "It was a dog, about 11 years ago. There was a program called Hey Bunbuu on NHK. Nozawa Masako was the main character, Bunbuu which was a car. There was a dog called Mister that always stayed with the car."
    Nobita asked, "Did this dog speak human language?"
    Miki said, "No. I thought that a dog in anime would talk, and I was feeling happy. But when I got the script, Mister only had lines like ''Kyan kyan'' and ''Kuiin kuiin''. When I got the second script, Mister had lines like ''Kuun kuun kyan kyan kyan''. So for one year, I was barking. That was my first job."
    [Ito Miki barked, and was VERY cute. ^_^;;]

    Noriko asked, "So what was your first speaking role?"
    Miki said, "I don't think it was a regular role.. It was for a video. Oh, I forgot the title.."
    So Nobita started looking at the seiyuu encyclopedia. They finally found it, and Miki said, "It was an anime called Greed, and I played an angel/fairy called Innocent. That was the first time that I spoke human lines."
    Nobita asked, "What type of roles do you get the most often?"
    Miki said, "My first lead role was in Project A-ko. Ever since then, I got a lot of roles of strong fighting girls."

    Nobita said, "Your new role is Princess Minerva, and she's a fighting girl too?"
    Miki said, "Yes, she's a selfish, but cute girl who is strong at fighting."
    Nobita said, "What kind of story is this? Did you do the voice recording yet?"
    Miki said, "We finished the recording last year. This used to be a game, and it turned into an anime. Some of the roles have changed. I was Minerva in the game, and I'm doing Minerva in the anime. I'm a princess of the Whistler Kingdom. There is Blue Morris, who is done by Inoue Kikuko, who was my mother in my former life. She is my attendant. Then I say that I want a group of guards who will fight for me. So to find the group of guards, there is a battle contest, and this is episode 1. There is a mysterious baddie, Dynastar, and she is done by Katsuki Masako."
    Noriko said, "Bishoujo anime equals Toho Video and there are lots of cute girls, but there seems to be a lot of gags too."
    Nobita said, "This is the third bishoujo anime, and it will go on sale 5/1."

    They played a song from the Princess Minerva CD, Kawaikute Gomen Asobase by Yuki (?).

    Nobita said, "Other voices in Princess Minerva are done by Inoue Kikuko as Blue Morris. She was your mother in your former life?"
    Miki said, "Yes, Kikko-chan was a manbou, and I was a medaka."
    Nobita said, "Let's go on to the next topic.. For the group of guards, the voices are done by Matsumoto Rika, Tanaka Atsuko, Sakuma Rei, Natsuki Rio. There are also events in Nagoya, Osaka, and Tokyo. You will go too?"
    Miki said, "Yes, I will go to all three places, and Kikko-chan will also go to Osaka and Nagoya."
    Nobita said, "In Tokyo all of the guards will be there too."
    Miki said, "Yes, please come."

    There will also be a signing session at Animate (Shibuya and Kichijoji) on 5/21.

    Nobita said, "Are signing sessions very tough, with the quick tempo?"
    Miki said, "I haven't done many signing sessions. So I get very nervous.."

    Nobita asked, "What are the key points of Princess Minerva?"
    Miki said, "The pretty costumes of the characters, and the voice acting by the cast."
    Noriko said, "It seemed like you all had fun when recording."
    Miki said, "Yes, it was very fun."

    Hummingbird Information Corner 3

    The Hummingbird voice actresses introduced themselves: Tamagawa Sakiko, Amano Yuri, Mitsuishi Kotono, Kusachi Fumie, and Shiina Hekiru. Then the Hummingbird girls just talked for 3 minutes.

    Amano Yuri said that she had many hang overs recently.

    Kotono got hay fever from this year, and her nose was sore.

    Fumie also got hay fever.

    Hekiru also got hay fever. Hekuru said, "When I leave the house, I get a running nose.."

    Then they started talking about what they can do about hay fever.

    [end of Hummingbird Information Corner 3]

    The guest next week is Shiratori Yuri, and then Inoue Kikuko.

    [Anime Scramble]

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