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  • アニメスクランブル - 1995.04.14

    Shiratori Yuri (白鳥由里)
    Yume Miru Aitenshi (Furil)
    Get My Way (Okui Masami)
    Nobita asked if Noriko had cut her hair. Noriko said that she had cut the front a little. She is going to let the back grow long.

    Yohko will return in Mamono Hunter Yohko^2. There will be a rival, a fake mamono hunter, called Ayako (the kanji is the same as Yohko). The voice actress will also be Hisakawa Aya^2, as Aya will be doing two roles. The video will come out in July, and the LD will come out in August.

    A group called Furil sings the OP and ED to Aitenshi Densetsu Wedding Peach. Furil is actually Hikami Kyoko, Nogami Yukana, and Miyamura Yuko, the voice actresses for Momoko, Yuri, and Hinagiku. Yume Miru Aitenshi, the OP, will go on sale 5/24. Then they played the OP song.

    Special scramble

    The guest this week was Shiratori Yuri. Nobita described Yuri as, "Her appearance hasn't changed one bit from the time she was in kindergarten."

    Nobita: Did you always want to be a seiyuu?
    Yuri: I was in high school when I decided I want to be a seiyuu.
    Noriko: Why?
    Yuri: I don't like to do the same thing every day, like going to school or going to work. I thought that as an actress, I would be able to do different things every day. I get bored easily.
    Noriko: But if you get bored so easily, I think it would be hard for you to do the practice on the stage..
    Yuri: Oh, I've never done any stage plays.

    Nobita: What was the first voice work that you did?
    Yuri: On the TV series Granzort, I was a guest character called Hilda.

    Nobita: What kind of roles do you do often?
    Yuri: I think I do weak, gentle, dark characters.
    Noriko: You're the complete opposite of me!
    Yuri: But recently I do a pig, and other things.
    Nobita: You've done a pig?
    Yuri: I'm doing it now.
    Noriko: Buurin?
    Yuri: Yes.
    Nobita: So your field is getting wider.
    Noriko: I really would like to do those weak characters.
    Yuri: Really?

    Then they read a question from a listener.

    Q: You cut your hair recently. Was there some reason? Did you have a heart-break?
    Yuri: No, I didn't have a heart-break. I don't have any love, such that I would have a heart-break. But recently I'm doing a very bright role in Buurin. It's a role where I have to change all of my daily routines to do it. I've always had long hair, so I decided to cut my hair. It's not that I can become Buurin if I cut my hair.

    Nobita: Your new role is Riris in Megami Paradise. What kind of girl is she?
    Yuri: She is a honest, serious, kind, gentle, ojousama.
    Nobita: What kind of story is it? It's all girls.
    Yuri: Yes. There are four bad megami and four good megami, and it's a battle between them.
    Nobita: There is also a gave version of Megami Paradise, and your role is different?
    Yuri: Yes, in the game I was one of the bad megami called Angela, who was very sickly.

    Then they played the OP to Megami Paradise by Okui Masami, Get My Way.

    Nobita: The Megami Paradise radio drama is on sale now. Is this different from the OAV?
    Yuri: Yes, this is totally different. It's very funny.

    Yuri: "Mama Mega-sama" was very hard to say during the after recording. We all had a hard time.
    Noriko: "Mama Mega-sama"? Yes it is hard. Just as hard as "Chacha-san".

    Nobita: Is there anything else you want to say about your role as Riris?
    Yuri: Riris has a very strong magic that she uses at the end of episode 1. I think I did a good job, so please look forward to it.

    Nobita: Is there any other information that you would like to tell everyone?
    Yuri: I'll go into comedy..
    Noriko: Eh!?
    Yuri: No.. In the TV series Magic Knight Rayearth, I'm doing a character called Mocona, who goes "Pu pu pu puu." In the new series, I'm also going to be doing a role called Primera. There are scenes were Primera and Mocona talk to each other. Something like, "What's this soft thing.." "Pu pu puu.." So please look forward to this.
    Also I'm doing Saber Marionette R which is an OAV. The art is very beautiful, so please look forward to that too.
    Nobita: You're also a Seibu Lions fan.
    Yuri: Yes.
    Nobita: Let's cheer for them.
    Yuri: Yes, let's cheer for them.

    Hummingbird information corner part 3

    Kusachi Fumie and Mitsuishi Kotono talked a little bit about what will happen at the Hummingbird events in Nagoya (4/15) and Osaka (4/16). There are going to be a karaoke corners at the events.

    [end of Hummingbird Information Corner 3]

    Nobita: Is there any role that you want to do?
    Yuri: I would like to do a boy.
    Nobita: You've never done a boy before.
    Yuri: No. I would like to try a "nekketsu shounen" lead role.
    Noriko: I understand.
    Nobita: So if you do a boy's role, you'll have to cut your hair again..
    Noriko: Yes short, maybe a crew cut.
    Yuri: No..
    Noriko: You have to.. Because it's a not a lively girl who is doing it. It's a cute, weak girl. So you'll have to do it.

    The guest next week is Inoue Kikuko, and after that it will be a postcard special.

    The address for letters and such is:

    Bunka Housou
    "Anime Scramble"

    [Anime Scramble]

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