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  • ˥᥹֥ - 1995.04.21

    Inoue Kikuko (׻)
    Itou Miki (ƣ)
    Maisaka Kou (ޫ)
    Get Along (Hayashibara Megumi, Okui Masami)
    Warera Minerva Shin'eitai (Minerva Shin'eitai)
    Noriko said, "My first love was when I was 13. The guy was like a hero in a shoujo manga. He was so cool."

    The H2 TV series will start, and Toho and Ashi Productions will be involved, but the cast hasn't been announced yet. The H2 manga has sold over 10 million copies. The anime will start on 6/1, and will be on Thursdays at 7 PM on TV Asahi.

    As Hidaka Noriko was reading the information for Slayers, (Rina Inverse is a very pretty girl with small breasts) she said, "The voice is done by the most flat chested one in the seiyuu world.. Hayashibara Megumi!"
    Nobita quickly pointed out, "Can you talk about others!?"

    The OP and ED (of Slayers) are duets by Hayashibara Megumi and Okui Masami. Then they played Get Along, the OP.

    Special scramble

    The guest this week was Inoue Kikuko.

    Nobita: Konbanha. [good evening]
    Kikuko: Kon-ban-ha-.
    Noriko: Nobi-chan, the tempo is too fast. Kikko-chan, kon-ban-ha-.
    Kikuko: I'm not that slow.
    Noriko: Yes you are.

    This was Inoue Kikuko's first time on Anime Scramble.
    Kikuko: I had heard rumors about this program, that it was fun. Thank you for having me.

    [Letter] Q: Before Hidaka-san said that Inoue-san's breasts are very big. Inoue-san, how is Hidaka-san's breasts from your point of view?
    Noriko: Why do you ask such things!
    Nobita: You shouldn't ask these things.. but how is it?
    Kikuko: We went swimming together, so I've seen it before. It's not about her breasts, but Noriko's body is round. If you cut it horizontally it would be a circle. So it's a very cute body.
    [everyone started laughing]
    Nobita: So you have age rings in your body? Is a circle cute?
    Nobita (to Kikuko): I had heard that your swimsuit figure is something.
    Noriko: When I said that Kikko-chan had a nice body, she got a lot of letters about it.
    Kikuko: I was happy. My body is usual, but since Nonko-san said this, a lot of people think this. But I think Nonko-san's style is good.
    Noriko: Liar! Why does someone with a round body have a good style?
    Kikuko: I think it's good. It's a cute body.

    [Letter] Q: Is that boke real?
    Kikuko: It's a lie.

    Q: Please explain the choki no kamisama.
    Kikuko: In the past, there were two times when I just kept using choki (scissors) and won. Ever since then, I decided to believe in the choki no kamisama.
    Noriko: She even made a song about it.

    Nobita: Why did you decide to become a seiyuu?
    Kikuko: I was moved by Touch.
    Noriko: Liar! Don't try to make up for all of your past words with that.
    Kikuko: It's a lie. I'm sorry. I think that's a wonderful anime too. I was moved by Attack Number 1. When I was little, I liked it. Then when I was in junior college, I saw the reruns again. I had no plans for the future, and I was wondering what I should do. When I saw the reruns, I was moved and I thought it was wonderful that something can be so great. Then I found out that there were seiyuu who were doing the voices, so I studied it.
    Nobita: So it was Attack Number 1.
    Kikuko: Yes, when I saw it, something came to me.
    Noriko: Maybe it was the attack number 1 no kamisama.

    Nobita: Your latest role is Blue Morris in Princess Minerva. Please tell us about Blue Morris.
    Kikuko: She is the guardian of Princess Minerva, and she's also the leader of the princess' personal guards. She's always being teased by Minerva, but she loves her and she'll always be with her. She's a very funny character too.
    Noriko: Yes, it's a very funny character. I think it's the first time that Kikko-chan did a character whose face changes like that so much.
    Kikuko: Yes, it was the first time. Since I was watching the pictures when I was doing the voices, it was very fun.

    Inoue Kikuko was not the only guest. Princess Minerva (Itou Miki) and Maisaka Kou (creator of Princess Minerva) were there too.

    Nobita: Is Inoue Kikuko like this all the time?
    Miki: She's really funny. I just reconfirmed it now.

    Then they played the song Warera Minerva Shin'eitai by Minerva Shin'eitai (Inoue Kikuko, Matsumoto Rika, Sakuma Rei, Tanaka Atsuko, and Natsuki Rio).

    Nobita (to Maisaka Kou): How do you feel about your work becoming an anime?
    Maisaka: I'm very happy. Ever since I was little I liked anime. So when my own work became an anime, I was very happy.
    Noriko: What did you like when you were little?
    Maisaka: I used to watch Yamato, when it was first run.
    Nobita: There weren't many people who saw Yamato in it's first run. It had terrible ratings at that time.
    Miki: I was watching it too.
    Nobita: Really? The Calpis Kodomo Gekijou was running against it.
    Miki: I have older brothers, and I had no control of the TV then.
    Kikuko: You have two older brothers.
    Miki: I thought it was pretty boring. There's no way a little girl can understand it.

    There will be Princess Minerva events coming up.

    Maisaka (about Princess Minerva): It's moving better than I though. The scenario (written by Sonoda Hideki) is very good.

    Hummingbird information corner part 3

    Amano Yuri and Shiina Hekiru talked a little bit about the new Hummingbird '95 OAV, Kaze no Uta. The story takes place after the second OAV. The past rivals, Fever Girls, have already become friends with Satsuki. The Fever Girls and Satsuki are the main characters of this story. Up until now it was comedy, but this one is very serious. The Hummingbird girls' father even appears in a flashback.

    [end of Hummingbird information corner]

    Next week will be a postcard scramble, where they just read letters from listeners and there is no guest. Future guests will be Amano Yuri and Mitsuishi Kotono.

    [Anime Scramble]

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