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  • アニメスクランブル - 1995.04.28

    Once More Again (Hayashibara Megumi)
    Hidaka Noriko went to a mission high school. Her sailor suit was black, with a black tie.

    When Noriko asked Nobita why he chose Bunka Housou, Nobita said, "I didn't choose it. I didn't care where, as long as I can become an announcer."

    The seiyuu idol group Hummingbird announced on 4/23 (at the event) that they will disband this summer. Their final event will be the concert on 8/16 (tickets go on sale 6/25).

    Tekkaman Blade II soundtrack album See You will go on sale 5/24.

    Then they played Once More Again by Hayashibara Megumi, which is on the Tekkaman Blade II album.

    Then Noriko and Nobita read lots of letters from listeners.

    Noriko said, "I didn't know the difference between monsters and dinosaurs. I believed that they existed and I was scared."

    Noriko said, "I had done street side interviews before. The director told me not to come back before interviewing 50 people. It was tough. So now I don't like to answer interviews when someone comes to me."

    Hummingbird information corner part 3

    Tamagawa Sakiko and Amano Yuri talked about the Hummingbird after recording. They all liked their father character. But Shiina Hekiru said that only three of them (Kanna, Yayoi, and Satsuki) appeared in the flashback scene. Uzuki and Mina were not born yet.

    [end of Hummingbird information corner]

    The guest next week is Akahori Satoru.

    [Anime Scramble]

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