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  • アニメスクランブル - 1995.05.05

    Akahori Satoru (あかほりさとる)
    Funny Funny Little Girl (Yokoyama Chisa)
    Fai Fai Tu (Hayashibara Megumi)
    The guest for this week hadn't arrived yet. [This radio show is broadcast live.]

    There will be a new Seiyuu Voice Magazine video series coming out. Hidaka Noriko will also be in it, as an announcer. The first one will come out on 8/19, and there will be one every two months.

    The Ginga Ojousama Densetsu Yuna drama CD will come out. The first CD will come with a box that can hold the second and third CDs. Also there will be two Yuna OAVs coming out this fall.

    Then they played Funny Funny Little Girl by Yokoyama Chisa, the theme song for Yuna.

    Hummingbird information corner part 3

    Since the guest hadn't arrived yet, they changed the order of the show and did the Hummingbird information corner.

    They talked about the songs in the new OAV. The OP is My Blue Paradise by Kusachi Fumie. There are also various duets, and they also listed the 10 or so new songs.

    [end of Hummingbird information corner]

    Even after the Hummingbird information corner, the guest hadn't come yet. Akahori Satoru was the first person that didn't come even though he was invited as a guest.. But then he arrived!

    Satoru said that he had just come from a lingerie pub in Shinjuku.. (^_^;;)

    Noriko: I had thought that you weren't really that ecchi, even if you write about those things from time to time. But after these two CDs I think I discovered your true feelings.
    Satoru: Oh, Bakuretsu and Saber.. The title is a little ecchi.. like SM Girls.
    Nobita: What does the SM stand for? Is it what I think it is?
    Satoru: No.
    Noriko: Is it Sanae-chan and Megumi-chan?
    Satoru: Saber marionette.

    Nobita: Well, if you write it, nobody will think it is saber marionette.
    Satoru: I didn't think it either.

    Nobita: Since when did you start writing this kind of thing?
    Satoru: Before I was doing series direction for NG Knight Lamune and 40. Then I was asked by King Records to write something for a CD. I was wondering what to write about, and I decided to add some "ahaan", "uhuun" to it. It became popular, and now I only get these kinds of requests.

    Noriko: Were you always like this?
    Satoru: Until high school, I was very serious, and just an anime fan. Then in college, I went to Kabukicho and things starting turning in this direction.
    Noriko: But weren't you scared of Kabukicho when you first went there?
    Satoru: Yes, I was very scared.

    Then they played Fai Fai Tu by Hayashibara Megumi.

    The second Bakuretsu Hunter series will start on Akahori Satoru's Nowanchatte Say You.

    SM Girls Saber Marionette R, a three OAV series, will come out on 5/21.

    Satoru: It's a combination of love comedy and ecchi. At first I was just playing around with the name, but the three enemy girls are very sm-like.. But the story is very serious.

    [Anime Scramble]

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