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  • アニメスクランブル - 1995.05.12

    Amano Yuri (天野由梨)
    Carnababel (Takada Band)
    Jounetsu (Hummingbird)
    Noriko: If you are full of stress, you should ride a jet coaster at an amusement park.
    Nobita: Which jet coaster do you like in the Tokyo area?
    Noriko: I like the Bandit at Yomiuri Land. When you climb to the very top, you can see the trees and the whole park. It's a great view.
    Nobita: I think our guest today would get blown away if she rode a jet coaster. We can ask her about it later.

    Seiyuu Voice Magazine, a new magazine in the form of a video will come out periodically. The first one will be a variety talk show in a setting of a bar, with Yao-chan (Yao Kazuki) and Tange Sakura as the hosts. Tomizawa Michie, Fukami Rica, and some others are planned as guests.

    Blue Seed soundtrack volume 3 will come out on June 7. It will come with a lot of goodies in the first printing, including a special case and booklet.

    Then they played the song Carnababel [TV size] by the Takada Band.

    The guest this week was Amano Yuri. "I'm not good at jet coasters and high places, but I like alcohol."

    Noriko: What kind of alcohol do you like?
    Yuri: I like Japanese sake.
    Noriko: What brand?
    Yuri: Kikuhime.
    Noriko: I've heard of that one.

    Q (from listener): You are doing Hummingbird events, but do you have any individual events planned?
    Yuri: Right now I don't have any planned.

    Nobita: Is it true that Hummingbird is going to break up?
    Yuri: Since we've done it for three years, it's like a graduation.
    Nobita: The Hummingbird final concert is on 8/16.

    Nobita: You've done a lot in these three years. What kind of memories do you have? What do you remember the most?
    Yuri: The first thing that we did together. It was a photo session for the CD single cover, and various magazines. That was our first job together. We recorded the song Setsunai Omoide separately, and some of us had just met for the first time.
    Noriko: This was Fumie-chan's seiyuu debut.
    Yuri: Yes, Hekiru-chan too.

    Then they played Jounetsu by Hummingbird. This song will be played in the concert scene in the fourth OAV, and it will be on the soundtrack.

    Nobita: Can you tell us about the new OAV?
    Yuri: The fever girls get captured, and Satsuki has to decide whether to go save them or to go after the idol title. It's a very serious story.
    Noriko: Until now Hummingbird had been flashy, with swimsuits and concert scenes. But this time, it is serious?
    Yuri: Yes.

    Noriko: Everyone is going to separate, but which direction are you going to?
    Yuri: If I'm going to graduate from an idol, I guess I will have to be a real actress.

    Nobita: At the final concert, it's probably going to be one with tears and such.
    Yuri: I think so.
    Nobita: Who do you think will be the first one to start crying?
    Yuri: I wonder who.. It might be Fumie-chan.

    Hummingbird information corner part 3

    They talked about the various staff members.

    [end of Hummingbird information corner]

    [Anime Scramble]

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