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  • アニメスクランブル - 1995.06.02

    Hatsukoi Monogatari (Sakurai Tomo, Suzuki Masami, Namiki Noriko)
    Interactive Communication (Banana Fritters)
    Noriko said that she was interested in cooking vegetables now.

    Noriko and Nobita had decided on the new items that they will give away to the listeners. It was a boy's trunks, girl's panties, and a sticker.

    Akazukin Chacha CD volume 4 will go on sale 6/21. Noriko used Shiine-chan's voice to read the announcement. Noriko said that during the Akazukin Chacha recording, she had to do the voice echos herself, and she demonstrated.

    Then they played Hatsukoi Monogatari by Sakurai Tomo, Suzuki Masami, and Namiki Noriko from the new Chacha CD.

    There was no guest, and they read a lot of letters from listeners.

    The Banana Fritters (Hidaka Noriko, Yamadera Kouichi, Seki Toshihiko) will release a new CD in June. Noriko said that they were all done with the recording and jacket photos. Then they played Interactive Communication by the Banana Fritters, a RAP song.

    Hummingbird information corner

    They announced last week that they will disband.

    Then they talked about the story of the second half of the '95 OAV. It is about Satsuki going to save the Fever girls, and the other sisters following Satsuki. There will be lots of new songs and another concert scene.

    [end of Hummingbird information corner]

    The guest next week will be someone from Mamono Hunter Yohko.

    [Anime Scramble]

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