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  • アニメスクランブル - 1995.07.14

    Nishiwaki Yui
    Lucky and Happy (Furil)
    Futari ni Kaerou (Nishiwaki Yui)
    Some of the little things that really make Hidaka Noriko happy are: drinking a beer after doing exercise, and going to the toilet when she wants to.

    Furil's first album goes on sale 7/21. Furil is Hikami Kyoko, Nogami Yukana, and Miyamura Yuko, who do the voices in Wedding Peach. The album will have songs and monologues. The Wedding Peach Original Soundtrack goes on sale 8/23.

    Then they played Lucky and Happy by Furil, from Furil's first album.

    The guest this week was Nishiwaki Yui. She sings Futarini Kaerou, the ending song to the TV anime H2, and lots of other songs.

    This song was not created to be the ED song, but they chose it because it fit. Yui has done many other songs for CMs and such, and in most of those cases, she had done the song before it got chosen to be used.

    Noriko: Is it harder to write a song when they specify that they want it for a certain topic?
    Yui: Sometimes it is easier to write a song when they limit the scope to something.

    Nobita: Your voice and appearance doesn't match. You're very tall.
    Yui: When people see me they think I have a husky voice, or that I'm very strong. But I'm not.

    Nobita: How did you get started in music?
    Yui: Ever since I was little I liked writing songs. I also learned piano, and I liked classics. When I was 12 years old, I formed a band and wrote songs.
    Nobita: Wow, that's early.
    Yui: I was writing lyrics, and I found a girl who can write music. So we decided to get together to create songs.

    Yui: I liked writing song, and started writing songs in 1989. Then in 1992 I started writing songs, and I released an album in 1993.
    Yui: I wrote the song to Gundam, Eternal Wind. I sang the demo song myself, and the producer said that I can sing too. So we released a CD.

    Yui: I read the H2 manga after my song got chosen to be the ED.
    Noriko: Were you the type who read manga?
    Yui: I read some. Not a lot, but not just a little bit..

    Noriko: Have you met Adachi-sensei?
    Yui: I met him at the H2 preview.
    Noriko: I was very nervous when I first met him, but he turned out to be very easy going, just like Tacchan in Touch.

    Then they played Futarini Kaerou by Nishiwaki Yui, the ending song to H2.

    Nobita: The words "Futari ni kaerou" are not something that you hear often in everyday speech. Where does this come from?
    Yui: It's hard to say. In this case, the "kaerou" means to continue. It doesn't mean "returning to some place" or such. It's usually some very small happenings in daily life that makes me want to write lyrics.

    Nobita: Have you seen the ED animation?
    Yui: Yes. The animation is very calm and slow. It's just that swinging toy on a desk. The happiness and sadness is in the animation, just like the song. I think it's very nice.

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