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  • アニメスクランブル - 1995.07.21

    Imamura Keiko (今村恵子)
    Trust You Forever (Ushima Yoshifumi)
    Niji no Grand Slam (Imamura Keiko, Furumoto Shinnosuke, Miyamoto Mitsuru, Suzuki Masami)
    Noriko said that during the summer, the air conditioning is too strong everywhere. The guest for that day came with only a T-shirt. Noriko said that she was still inexperienced, because recording studios are always too cold.

    Seiyuu voice magazine volume 3 (a video) will go on sale 12/21. The setting will be a school, where they have a lot of new students coming in. Matsumoto Yasunori, Yamaguchi Kappei, Okiayu Ryoutarou, and Hiyama Nobuyuki will try to pick up the new female students.. There will be a lot of new female seiyuu in this video. Also there will be a seiyuu lesson corner with Hidaka Noriko.

    Then they played Trust You Forever by Ushima Yoshifumi (?), which was the OP song for G Gundam.

    The guest was Imamura Keiko, who does the voice of Hikari in H2. Keiko entered the Third Toho Cinderella Scout contest, where were over 30,000 participants, and won. Keiko was still in high school at that time, and she lived in Shizuoka. So she had to come to Tokyo on the weekends to get lessons. Then after graduating from high school, she came to Tokyo.

    Keiko's debut was the Godzilla vs Mothra movie, in the role of Cosmos, and she even sang the song.

    When Keiko started doing voice acting, she was very nervous and couldn't even do one page. She couldn't get the timing of the mouth movements. She could match when the voice started, but the ending didn't match. Also she couldn't put her feeling in it, when she concentrated too much on the timing.

    Then they played Niji no Grand Slam by the four main characters of H2 (Imamura Keiko, Furumoto Shinnosuke, Miyamoto Mitsuru, and Suzuki Masami). This is the OP song to H2, sung by the major H2 seiyuu. [I like this version better! - H.Doi - ^_^;]

    Keiko: I was very nervous. We recorded it separately. I was last and I was able to listen to the others so it was like singing together.

    Nobita: Did you watch Touch?
    Keiko: I watched it every week.
    Nobita: Touch and H2 have very similar characters. How was it when you saw H2 on TV?
    Keiko: I thought it was very different from what I imagined.
    Noriko: That happens. Everyone else sounds so good, but you don't sound like you're really into the role..
    Nobita: So how are you supposed to deal with these things?
    Noriko: After a while, you'll get used to it.

    Nobita: What kind of girl is Amemiya Hikari?
    Keiko: She's very mature. She is really kind, but she says things that are not always that nice.
    Noriko: That's the world of Adachi Mitsuru. It's hard isn't it?
    Keiko: The words sound a little mean, but you can't be really mean.
    Nobita: That's the hard part.
    Noriko: Even if you say cynical things, you have to be kind. They scolded me many times when I was doing Minami (Touch).

    Nobita: How are the other seiyuu?
    Keiko: They are very kind. They teach me things when there's something I don't know.
    Noriko: How was Mitsuya-san?
    Keiko: He stood by me and helped me a lot.
    Noriko: So nice! Is he a little scary?
    Keiko: No.
    Noriko: Really? The 10 years have made him soft.
    Nobita: He wasn't like this before?
    Noriko: No! He was very strict with me.

    Noriko: There is another girl in the show. Do you feel that you want to make your character cute?
    Keiko: Yes. When I say some mean lines, I really feel, "But I don't want to say that.." In volume 12, Hiro and Haruka kiss, and I feel sort of jealous.

    Nobita: Are you living alone? Isn't your family worried?
    Keiko: They call me every morning and night.

    [Anime Scramble]

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