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  • アニメスクランブル - 1995.08.04

    Komori Manami (小森まなみ)
    Hot Dance (Two Mix)
    Holy Eyes - Kimi no Yume ha Boku no Yume (Komori Manami)
    The Ginga Ojousama Densetsu OAV will be an original story. Yuna and Yuuri were students in a school, and a transfer student named Misaki came by. She was gathering information on Yuna. Why?..

    Two Mix will release their first album on 8/23. Takayama Minami does the vocals for Two Mix.

    Then they played Hot Dance by Two Mix, from the new album.

    The guest was Komori Manami. In the background they played the OP song for the 3x3 Eyes game. Manami wrote and sang this song. This 3x3 Eyes game is a 2 CDROM game. The script was the size of two telephone books, and it took two days to do the after recording.

    It had been 10 years since Manami had started her radio program.
    Manami: When I first started I wasn't very good. I cried a lot and I thought of quitting. But I didn't want to give up right away, so I decided to continue it for 10 years.

    A video commemorating the 10 years of the radio program came out.
    Noriko: How did you have all of the video? Did you plan on making this from the beginning?
    Manami: No. A lot of the video was sent in by fans.

    Then they played Holy Eyes - Kimi no Yume ha Boku no Yume by Komori Manami. This is the ED song of the 3x3 Eyes game.

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