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  • アニメスクランブル - 1995.08.25

    Tominaga Miina (冨永み〜な)
    Touch My Heart [remix] (Hisakawa Aya)
    Douzo Konomama (Tominaga Miina)
    Mamono Hunter Yohko vocal CD, which also has BGM from the latest OAV, is coming out. Then they played Touch My Heart - remix version by Hisakawa Aya, which is on that CD.

    The guest this week was Tominaga Miina. Miina has a new CD that just went on sale.

    Miina says that she is the type that is liked by the new-half and gays.. She does go to those bars and such.

    Miina also likes to bet on horses.

    Miina: People say that I am boyish.
    Noriko: But there are many feminine things about you. You cook a lot better than me. Also you can sew and such.
    Miina: I like to build things.

    Nobita: You have a new CD.
    Miina: Yes, it went on sale 8/23.
    Nobita: It's called Douzo Konomama.
    Miina: It's a remake of a very old song. I've always liked it, and I felt that I would be able to sing it now.

    Then they played Douzo Konomama. [a very mature song]

    Nobita: This is one of the most adulty songs that we have ever played on this radio show.

    Nobita: The jacket is.. I like it a lot. It's a portrait. But there isn't any clothes visible.
    Miina: Yes, it's just as I was born.
    Nobita: So how low did you have the clothes when you were taking the pictures for this?
    Miina: I wasn't wearing any.
    Nobita: Eh?
    Miina: None. That's why the picture is like this. It would be strange if I was covering up parts of it, so I wasn't wearing any.
    Nobita: Is that so?
    Miina: Yes. What were you wearing when you were born?
    Nobita: I was born with glasses on so.. What about the staff when you were having your picture taken.
    Miina: There weren't that many people. I guess nobody was interested.

    [Anime Scramble]

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