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  • アニメスクランブル - 1995.09.01

    Akitaka Mika (明貴美加)
    Ririka SOS (Asou Kahori)
    Funny Funny Little Girl (Yokoyama Chisa)
    Nurse Angel Ririka SOS's ED by Asou Kahori is very popular. It will appear in the karaoke machines later this month, and it will go on sale 9/21.

    Then they played Ririka SOS by Asou Kahori. [This is very different from the version used for the ED. The ED is the second verse.]

    The guest this week was Akitaka Mika, the creator of Ginga Ojousama Densetsu Yuna.

    Mika got into this field as the mecha designer of Gundam ZZ. He also worked on Gundam 0080 and Gundam 0083.

    Nobita: Were you always good at drawing, ever since you were little?
    Mika: No. I started drawing around the time when I graduated from high school.
    Noriko: What made you try it?
    Mika: Mazinger Z. Also when I saw Combattler V, which had the same transforming mecha in the anime and for the toy, it surprised me. This had a big effect on me.

    Even though he couldn't mention the name of the robots, Mika had designed some of the robots that are very popular toys in Japan and in the world.

    While doing work as a mecha designer, he had also been drawing girls for magazines and such. So he tried drawing an original character and that was the beginning of Yuna.

    Mika: The first Yuna and current Yuna are totally different.

    When they first made the Yuna game, nobody knew how to do a "digital comic" format game. Since Mika came from an anime background, he made it in the same way he would make anime.

    Then they played Funny Funny Little Girl the theme song for Yuna (OAV and game), by Yokoyama Chisa.

    For the first PC engine game, there was a short one minute animation made, but besides that, the current OAV is the first anime of Yuna. The script for the OAV is by Akahori Satoru.

    Nobita: What are the difficulties from the creator's point of view for making an OAV?
    Mika: Sometimes there is a little difference between the Yuna that the script writer or the director sees and what is in my mind. This is very hard to describe on paper. But until now there hasn't been any major differences.

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