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  • アニメスクランブル - 1995.09.15

    Yao Kazuki (矢尾一樹)
    Matsui Naoko (松井菜桜子)
    Cry For the Dream (Midorikawa Hikaru)
    Noriko wants a nice small dog. She had never had a pet before, except for a goldfish. But the cat next door ate her goldfish, and all that was left were bones..

    There will be a second Gundam Wing CD coming out in October. Each major character will sing a song. There will be a multi-cover so that you can choose one of the five main characters as the cover for the CD.

    Then they played Cry For the Dream by Midorikawa Hikaru, which is on the new Gundam Wing CD.

    Ginga Ojousama Densetsu Yuna 2 will come out in November. The video will come with a karaoke of Funny Funny Little Girl. The LD will come with a Yuna poster, picture LD, along with the karaoke.

    The guests this week were Yao Kazuki and Matsui Naoko, who were in the seiyuu voice magazine video, It's Say You. The second video (on sale 10/21) is called Izakaya Yao-chan [The drinking place Yao-chan].

    In this video, Kazuki was the master of the drinking place, and the other seiyuu come to drink and talk. Matsui Naoko was one of the customers, along with Fukami Rica, Tomizawa Michie, and Yajima Akiko. Tange Sakura was the girl who worked at the drinking place.

    When they were filming the video, they actually drank and talked. Naoko said that she talked too much, and they had to put in some pii parts [censored]. Kazuki said that she was selfish to just censor her parts.

    Matsui Naoko will have an essay book coming out 9/30. She wrote a lot about her past experiences, and there will be some pictures.

    When she was just starting out she had a job where she had to wear a negligee and dance.
    Noriko said, "How is that voice acting!?"

    There was also a time when Naoko forgot to wear her skirt to school! It was winter, and she was wearing a coat, so she forgot to wear her skirt. She didn't realize it until she had arrived at school.

    An Assembler CD and Compiler Festa OAV will come out in November.

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