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  • アニメスクランブル - 1995.11.03

    Kusachi Fumie (草地章江)
    Yume no Bashohe (Hummingbird)
    The guest was Kusachi Fumie. They started out by talking about drinking.

    Nobita: What do you like?
    Fumie: Strong things, like wine, sake.
    Noriko: Me too.
    Fumie: When I noticed, there were two empty bottles in front of me. Also some other stuff too.
    Nobita: There isn't anything wrong with drinking.
    Fumie: Aren't we going to talk about something else?
    Nobita: That's the theme of tonight's broadcast.
    Fumie: I just drink along with everyone and when I realize it, I'm drunk.

    Nobita: You went abroad recently? Where did you go?
    Fumie: Bali.
    Nobita: You went alone?
    Fumie: Yes, I went by myself.
    Noriko: Did you want to travel by yourself?
    Fumie: No, I wanted to go with someone, but there wasn't anyone who could go with me.
    Noriko: You wanted to go to Bali?
    Fumie: No. I just wanted to go to a southern island. I only had one week for vacation, and the dates were fixed only four days before. So I had to decide quickly, and Bali was the only one that was cheap, close, and had an ocean.
    Noriko: It must be very difficult going by yourself. You must have had a lot of guys hitting on you.
    Fumie: Yes, there were so many guys. But it wasn't just me. They were hitting on all the girls.
    Noriko: Aren't the guys in Bali cool?
    Fumie: Really? They weren't my type.

    Noriko: What were you doing?
    Fumie: Reading, swimming, writing. I wanted to do something that I couldn't do in Japan.

    Nobita: When you go by yourself, wasn't it lonely eating alone?
    Fumie: No, I don't mind. I'm used to eating alone. Also I played with my gameboy a lot.
    Nobita: You weren't lonely?
    Fumie: No, I'm the type who likes to do things alone. If I have a famicom, I'll be ok.
    Noriko: Didn't you say you wanted to play with computers?
    Fumie: Oh, I started a bit.
    Noriko: How is it?
    Fumie: It's not so good. I can't keep up with it.
    Nobita: There is a forum for Anime Scramble in Niftyserve. Please come to it.
    Fumie: I'm having trouble before I can get to Niftyserve.

    Nobita: How was the Hummingbird concert?
    Fumie: It was great, we gave it our all.
    Noriko: I heard you cried the most.
    Fumie: I don't remember it very much, but it was hard. At the last song, everyone went up the stairs. I was last and I was looking at everyone's backs. That really moved me.
    Nobita: Was that during Yume no Bashohe?
    Fumie: Yes.
    Nobita: Did you cry during the song?
    Fumie: I sang it.

    Then they played Yume no Bashohe from the Hummingbird live album. After the song, Nobita said that Fumie started crying when she listened to the song.

    Nobita: How was the recording for the final OAV?
    Fumie: It was after the final concert, and everyone had already settled their feelings.

    Fumie will have lots of Hummingbird Final events, in Osaka, Hiroshima, Nagoya, Fukuoka, and Tokyo.

    Fumie: This will be the last work as Hummingbird.

    Fumie also had a new radio show, Radio Quo Vadis.

    Noriko: Do you talk by yourself?
    Fumie: Yes.
    Noriko: It must be hard.
    Fumie: But it's mostly reading letters and such.

    Fumie will release a new single next January.

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