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  • アニメスクランブル - 1997.05.30

    Mitsuishi Kotono (三石琴乃)
    Love Wing (Hummingbird)
    [I only caught the part with Kotono.]

    The guest for this week was Mitsuishi Kotono. It has been a while since Kotono appeared as a guest.

    Kotono said that she was interested in golf. She also went out on the course to play (before she did much practice), but she did very badly and wasn't on the fairway much. So she joined a school. There were a lot of young girls in the school. Since Kotono doesn't have much time, she goes to driving ranges that are open 24 hours.

    Kotono also bought a computer before the sales tax went up. (She bought a Mac.) She uses it to draw pictures (CG). She uses a pen tablet to draw. Kotono says that time goes by very fast when she is using the computer.

    Kotono also played tamagocchi. She received one as a present, and played a few times, but they all died. The oldest one became 8 years old. Noriko said that her oldest one was 7 years old.

    There will be a Hummingbird CD-ROM coming out.

    Then they played Love Wing, by Hummingbird.

    This CD-ROM will contain video clips, including the non-credit OP, concert scenes, initial settei shiryou. It will have a LD sized jacket drawing. The Windows version goes on sale 6/20, and the Mac version will come out at the end of July. The narration is done by Mitsuishi Kotono. The cost is 5800 yen, and the first 3000 sets will come with some Hummingbird trading cards.

    The guest next week is Miyamura Yuko.

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