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  • Anime Scramble - 1998.05.01

    Nakayama Manami (滳)
    Nehashi Mieko ()
    Takahashi Chiaki (ⶶ龽)
    Furuyama Ayumi (Ż)
    Komatsu Rika (Τ)
    Power of Love (Ohsawa Chiaki)
    Happy Bell (Sotsugyou III girls)
    The Kirara debut event will take place on 5/10 at the Yomiuri Land Open Theater. The guests will be Mitsuishi Kotono, Ohsawa Chiaki, Kobayashi Yumiko, Toyoshima Machiko, and Itou Kentarou.

    Then they played Power of Love (a song from Kirara) by Ohsawa Chiaki.

    The guests for the special scramble were the seiyuu of the game Sotsugyou III: Nakayama Manami, Nehashi Mieko, Takahashi Chiaki, Furuyama Ayumi, and Komatsu Rika.

    Chiaki graduated from Aoni Juku last year, and went right into Sotsugyou III.

    Manami said that there was an audition for the roles, and they were chosen.

    None of the five seiyuu went to a girl's high school, although Ayumi said that her school was almost all girls. Noriko went to a girl's high school.

    After talking about Sotsugyou III a little bit, they played Happy Bell the opening song.

    Manami said that she played Sotsugyou when it first came out, and never thought that she would do the voice in it.

    When Nobita asked who was the best at dancing, all the girls said that it was Manami. Rika and Mieko said that they had to have a special session to learn the movements for the song..

    The next corner was "Kirara Club", by Mitsuishi Kotono, Ohsawa Chiaki, and Kobayashi Yumiko. They talked about the upcoming event. Kotono talked about how they went all over for the Hummingbird events.

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