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  • Sentimental Night - 1997.04.07

    Toyoshima Machiko (˭迿)
    Okada Junko (Ľ)
    Konno Hiromi ()
    My Revolution (Watanabe Misato)
    Omoide wo Tometamamade (Sugihara Manami/Toyoshima Machiko)
    The co-hosts for this week was group A (Toyoshima Machiko, Okada Junko, Konno Hiromi). Since this was their first radio program, the new seiyuu Junko and Hiromi introduced themselves. Machiko also introduced herself.

    They read letters from listeners.

    In the "sentimental mistake" corner, Machiko read the letter. It was about a guy who was two-timing, and both girls showed up at the same place. Machiko yelled out, "Iiikagen ni shiro!" She also added, "I don't like it. I can't forgive him."

    In the "dengon ban" corner, Hiromi and Junko read the letters.

    In the "30 byou no sasayaki" corner, Junko read a letter in the voice of Adachi Taeko, and Toshiko read one letter too.

    In the "sentimental love song" corner, they played My Revolution by Watanabe Misato (an old jpop song).

    Then they played Omoide wo Tometamamade by Sugihara Manami (Toyoshima Machiko). Machiko said that she recorded it two weeks ago, and it will be on an album that will go on sale 5/21. The other girls will sing songs too.

    During the interlude of the song, Machiko said, "I first met Sugihara Manami about a half year ago. At first she seemed weak and delicate. I wanted to protect her. But after spending time with her, I was affected by her kindness and feelings for others. I think her personality can be seen well in this song."

    Hiromi said she was very nervous.

    Junko: I was very nervous, and couldn't read the letters well. I'll try to do better next time.

    Sentimental Graffiti First Window goes on sale 4/11. This is a disk for the Sega Saturn containing messages from each of the Sentimental Graffiti seiyuu.

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