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  • Sentimental Night - 1997.05.19

    Maeda Ai (İ)
    Mannaka Yukiko (ͳ)
    Suzuki Urarako ()
    Sonzai (Ozaki Yutaka)
    Kimi ga Ireba (Morii Kaho/Mannaka Yukiko)
    This was the first week with class D. Suzuki Urarako was very nervous, since the previous night.

    Mannaka Yukiko read a letter for the "sentimental mistake" corner. It was about someone who gave a lottery ticket to his mother, who sold it to someone. That ticket won 2 million yen.

    What if the girls had 2 million yen..

    Toshiko: put it in the bank, for old age.
    Ai: buy a computer, clothes, Kitty goods.
    [Ai is collecting Kitty goods.]
    Urarako: upgrade her Mac.
    Yukiko: be wasteful (leave the lights on and go out to a convenience store).

    Maeda Ai read the letter for the "dengon ban" corner.

    If there was someone she liked, Ai would have him confess to her. She wouldn't ever say it herself. She would beam out her "love love light beams" and make the guy confess to her. She said it had worked before.

    Yukiko said that she would confess herself.

    Urarako read a message in the voice of Endo Akira for the "30 byou no sasayaki" corner. It was a happy birthday message.

    The requested love song was Sonzai by Ozaki Yutaka.

    Then they played Kimi ga Ireba by Morii Kaho (Mannaka Yukiko). Yukiko said that this was the first time that she had heard the "finished" song. This was also the first time that she had done a song recording. She was very thankful for the kind staff who helped her a lot. Since the others said that the song was so good, Yukiko started crying.

    The girls' comments at the end..

    Urarako: was fun, but was very nervous.
    Ai: waited a long time for this
    (since class D was last, they had to wait 6 weeks)
    Yukiko: doesn't like singing, because she doesn't think she's very good. but was very happy that the others liked the song.

    [Sentimental Night]

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